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New Patch includes:

  • New Characters; Miharu, Sebastian and Slim Bob added. They have character endings.
  • New stages; Extravagant Underground, Modern Oasis, Moai Excavation And Odeum Of Illusions which can be accessed by hitting the Triangle/Y button on the stage select screen.
  • New Decal customizations has been added to the customization menu.
  • Some new item moves added to the store which includes Hockey stick, Clyde Racket, Plasma Gun and the Brush.
  • Arcade mode bosses are a lot more easier now when you have the easy difficulty selected.
  • Access to the online store added to the main menu. (Checked PS3 version, it will exit out of the game to access the store. Once you're done in the PS Store it will reboot the game.)
  • Tekken Theater added to the Gallery. Will feature opening and ending movies from the previous Tekken games that players can purchase soon.
  • World Arena added to the online menu which is likened to the Global Colosseum mode in Soul Calibur V. Allows you to pick a region and a server to join a lot of people in a big, single lobby to chat, challenge each other, or volunteer to play randoms. (it shows you the connection and disconnect rate before a match starts if you want to reject an opponent) You can even create your own sub-lobby.
  • PS3 version's load times of character customs in the select screen has been greatly improved.
  • Kuni crouching under mids is confirmed to now be gone.
  • Ancient Ogre's Infinite at the wall is also gone.

source: http://www.avoidingthepuddle.com/news/2012/10/8/ttt2-october-9th-102-patch.html

Answers questions for those asking abt the secret stages found in Tekken Tunes or new characters. Patch is free as well, pre-ordered or not...

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people could say review scores maybe someone else's opinion, etc but 4.5 is a real nasty score for a well known franchise. hopefully things will clear up or more explanation on the score

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im ok with some more ME3 dlc, though i think no more ME sequels for me. i think the franchise should settle with the trilogy. if they add more ME sequels it might be a little excessive (like what I felt when i saw the MGS ground zeroes trailer, which is a prequel to MGS 5) or might not live up to the quality of the trilogy. maybe if they want to add sequels bioware should wait awhile, around a few years or so.

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@EXTomar said:

@lockon_one said:

at last mass effect 1 for the ps3!

Because PS3 owners were missing out on the stupid inventory system coupled with a cumbersome upgrade system, collect quests that went no where, and driving the Mako that handled like your grandfather's station wagon through an absurd obsticle course?

there maybe flaws regarding the 1st game (as with with all other video games) but what i want to mostly experience from ME1 is playing the game and the story from the beginning, not from the sequel besides other things...

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at last mass effect 1 for the ps3!

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@Demoskinos: oh ok. i just currently play ghost with lots of chars trying to discover some combos, tag assaults, chemistry, techniques etc. my highest is just seiryu, while the others are just around the vanquisher ranks. currently not really into online right now (the joystick i use for competitive play has got problems, also dont use dpad for fighting games) thats why i got curious when i saw the discussion abt the ranks. i was also hoping ttt2 will be capped at tekken god, not just tekken lord when the list of trophies came out. unlike t6 which was capped at 1st dan offline. thnx for the info!

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@Demoskinos: thanx. good thing. before it went to consoles i saw some vids before in youtube with the True Tekken God ranking (i think highest). just curious if anyone reached it or if it is only for arcade?

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@Demoskinos: just a question if ever you know, is ttt2 ghost mode capped at tekken lord? in arcades there is tekken god, etc. just thinking bec the trophy is only for tekken lord...

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both games are great. hard to choose but i prefer persona 4 over 3. p4 was lighter and improved almost everything good from p3. imo p3 has a little better story than p4.

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Console: ps3

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