So long duders

Giantbomb selling out has crushed my dreams for a gaming site run by gamers. Corps always ruin everything in the name of greed. I will never be renewing my subscription.


Can gamers trust publishers anymore? EA caught being shady again

/Electronic Arts is the Devil rant

Exhibit A:

Last night a friend was giving me another look at "Meh Wars" and to be honest I was more curious how EA was handling the Origin service and billing since they had burned me in the past with 14 overdraft charges so I'm always overly cautious of EA's fine print. It didn't take more than 5 minutes for me to find this little gem. May create an EA account using my personal info???? So yeah EA, when you're subscription numbers are low, you'll just whip up some accounts to appease shareholders. You can speculate as to what I commented to my buddy on more, him being an idiot for buying this crap, or being an idiot for throwing his rights out the window for the sake of a game. Either way, this is just getting nuts what publishers demand of customers so they don't have to pay for proper security or when they need to make up numbers out of the blue. It's shady, illegal in most countries including our own, and I'm disgusted with EA they would even try to put something in there, but not surprised.

/end rant


PCs are RPGs

Last night I prepared to descend down into the Steam dungeon and was feeling especially adventurous. My trusty AM2 socket had served me long and well as I progressed through the years, almost 6 in total but I was feeling bold and needed a new challenge. Gathering up an able party, we set out to conquer the wild Serious Sam 3 beast that had been terrorizing the area, and with mouse in hand I was ready for anything... well... almost.

The action was fast paced and furious. I could feel the strain on my equipment with every blow as the durability dropped but the frames held strong. I'd recently found a nice drop for my video slot that gave +70 frames, not too shabby since it looked nice with my older gear but still left me room to improve on my stats. Suddenly the crackle of something unnatural caught my attention. Nobody warned me they cast fireballs? A direct hit to my motherboard was evident as it's durability dropped to zero with a faint whiff ozone to tickle my nostrils with disgust. I had been slain by the fire damage, my souls sitting there in the shell of my hard drive as I knew the long walk back would not be easy.

Discouraged but not defeated, a wide grin slowly crept across my face. In the process of fighting the beast my PC had dinged and it was still Black Friday weekend. Grabbing a vanity set of gear I kept for emergencies, I started grinding on Newegg and Amazon hard farming sales and drops hoping to find something with better fire resist, crossing my fingers I would score one of those sweet set-piece items like Dual-SLI cards that boost each others stats. The next level cap wasn't much higher than the one I was previously stuck at, so I didn't need anything epic, just flexible. Returning to the cash shop with bargains I amassed my phat lewt and had it gift wrapped, an early gift from the yule father to myself.

For the next few days I'm stuck in my social gear, just standing around by the mail box occasionally dancing on it as I patiently await my new gear. I can't wait to go back through some older dungeons and see how they've improved along with tackling new challenges that come along. My fellowship, the fellowship of the PC simply does stroll into Mordor and I welcome my brethren to join me any night at the Steam tavern to share a tale or two.

Happy hunting


What's cookin?

How do you gamers fend for yourselves?

8 hour slow cookin at around 200-220F Paprika in a spritz bottle to keep them moist every 30ish minutes. It's the ultimate way to enjoy a picture perfect summer day.

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