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Just watched the full MW2 trailer and it was exactly as I expected it to be - action packed, loud, fast, violent and quasi philosophic. So basically more of the same which is fine by me.

Give me the reason to renew my XBL Gold account, MW2!

Oh yeah, what's the deal with dropping the COD in the title?

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no problem, make sure to check out the new gameplay vids, they are awesome!

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The t-shirts came in M, L and XL. I also got a couple of Fallout "Purified Water" bottles along with the tee.
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brahmin racing

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i got one at leipzig. it's awesome. you should check ebay.de

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Levio91 said:
"remade in first person!!!!!! Id prefer using the diablo 3 engine toolset if blizzard releases one. or maybe even the neverwinter nights 2 engine even though i hate it."
yeah, that would be awesome too
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that's actually a good point. especially when it comes to japanese and european games, having original titles could lead to a lot of confusion (especially with search results)
a possible solution would be something like a field "original release title and country" next to the aka titles. that way the game remains easy to find and one can easily see that a game x was released in country y under the original title z.

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so you're saying we should limit wikipedia.com to us-related articles only and let google.com spit out solely results ending with .com?
this is not about which title sounds better (i in fact like "indigo prophecy" more too) it is about the original release title which just happened to be the european "fahrenheit".
look at imdb, search for "seven samurai" and you will find "shichinin no samurai", search for "city of god" and you wil find "citade de deus".
so if giantbomb is to become the ultimate worldwide gaming library it should be correct about this stuff.