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to be clear, the only reason i want to get rb2 is in order to export the songs to rb3. for some reason the game is impossible to find in europe

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For those looking for a cheap way to get their hands on some wireless instruments, pick up this Band Hero bundle here for 51,49€

All of the instruments are compatible with Rock Band 3
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Not in Europe, unfortunately.  I can't seem to find it anywhere at a decent price (around 10 bucks). Even the RockBand store lists the game as unavailable. Are there licensing issues in Europe?

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Shouldn't it be cheap like RB1, LEGO RB, RB Beatles etc. now that Rock Band 3 is out?

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still regularly priced in europe :(

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@Finstern: I'm glad you are enjoying it. The beginning of the game is a blast! Continue playing, I would really like to know what you think about some of the later levels.
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@ptc said:
" The Civil War by Ken Burns. "
aaah, the ken burns effect! :) 
@Esten said:
" Band of Brothers is easily the best one out there, with Generation Kill as a close second. If you'd ever want to try an another kind of Mini-series, I do recommend John Adams. My second favorite miniseries, after BoB. "
John Adams sounds interesting, I'll check it out
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@happyfatman said:
" Band of Brothers is my favorite of the ones I've seen (The Pacific being the other).  My issue with The Pacific is the fact that it tried to focus more on the personal lives of the characters rather than the big picture, which I think made it more boring than Band of Brothers. "
I agree, it should have concentrated more on the conflict and the relationships between the soldiers
" I can't recall the name of it, but there was a BBC series about a group of guys that came home and through various reasons ended up joining a PMC and going back. The series followed the arch of that PMC and an old medic dealing with life and family troubles at the same time. I found it on netflix.ca and loved it, but sadly I can't remember the name of it. If you can find it though, I highly recommend it. 
EDIT: Got it! It's called Occupation. "
awesome, i'll check it out!
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