New Go Game-Records Book

I received a new go book "The Best Game Records of 2009" last week, and have since been focusing on it in my spare reading time. Although the book is by Oromedia (Korean go publisher and promoter of go through English book translations) this book is not available in North America. In fact, Swedish game book publisher Schaak en go winkel het Paard ( currently holds unique publishing rights for "[d]istribution [o]verseas." It's a travesty considering it's the only contemporary translated game-records book. 
Nevertheless, the book consists of fifty-four lightly commented games. Each game spans four diagrams though four pages and contains 1-3 brief commentary sentences per page. The book has a clear bias towards Korean matches and players, but this is understandable considering the background of the original author (Jeong Dong-Sik, 6p). I'm bookmarked on game eleven and plan to read the whole book at least thrice over the next couple of years.