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Dont like too, but end up doing it anyways cuz people quit or I get booted for no reason.  But I have to say if you are playing on Advanced or Expert or any difficulty with realism, please please use your microphone.  

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More really dark levels, a snow level would be awesome.  Option to turn off specific special infected.  A microphone only lobby.   
China sounds awesome!

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The first one.  I could play it over and over and over.  For some reason not the second though.  Don't like how bright the second one is.  No one seems to have a mic in L4D2, I don't get it.  They should create a mic only lobby.  I hate the new special infected in L4D2, and I hate how many of them there are.  The first focused more on fighting zombie hordes, which was much more fun.  Im hoping they have a no special mutation soon.

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No.  I used to like Madden.  I bought this the day it came out.  Once I get the last couple achievements I will be trading it in.  It is ridiculous.  Defenses are horrible.  I can score at will but can't stop a play no matter what I do even if I know exactly what is coming.  My average score is in the 40's if that tells you anything.  I believe this is the last Madden I will ever purchase.  F U EA and your monopoly.

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I would consider buying more download-able games if they would be less expensive.  

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The girl who does all the vids on xbox live is hot. 

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@ozzdog12:  I love that bars have started banning tapout shirts because people that where them are douchebags!  Its great.
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I just will never understand why people continue to boost.  It ruins so many games.  Nothing is more frustrating then to be kicking ass, only to be defeated by two homo's hiding in the weeds shooting each other in the head!