Virgin PC Gamer (ahem... BootCamp)

Yeah, so I'm still figuring out about PC gaming, I haven't owned a PC for years, I've primarily been a Mac guy.  I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro with the Intel i5 chip which allows me to install Windows via bootcamp.  I also downloaded Steam and just purchased a crap-load of games from their summer of terror sale (or whatever the hell it's called).  Anyways, I'm still figuring some things out but so far I'm pretty pleased.  I was planning on spending some money on one of the new XBOX's but I think my recent Steam purchases will hold me off for a while. 
Good times 

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Welcome to the TERRORDOME!!! 
Nah not really, what kind of gpu is that Macbook packin?

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Good luck, PC is the place to be :P

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Welcome to PC gaming. First step you want to do since you're getting into it is to pick up in First Person Shooter multiplayer game. Any will do. My first one was Counter-Strike. In your case you should by Counter-Strike Source. Now, start playing away. Soon you will be addicted to the PC life and you won't have to worry about a console until you want your fill of more games. 
I also suggest picking up a mouse that will fill comfortable to you. A lot of people I assume have Razor's.

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Man why didn't they call it the "Summer of Terror" sale?! That woulda been AWESOME! Plus it would have fit since they warned you against going outside due to risk of death most every day. 
So anyhow do you have any questions or anything?

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Whatcha wanna do is run regedit in the cmd line, and then delete anything that has the letter "Q" in its key value.
"Q" screw up games something fierce, so find all the "Q" line and get rid of them

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I'm feeling pretty good so far, I bought both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 so I'm playing through those to start.  After that I (embarassingly) have never played Half-Life so I bought the entire series to play through.  It's gonna be a busy summer.    
@hematurge - the gpu that comes with the new macbook pros is a 330m from nvidia.  Not great from what I understand but totally usable for some of the older games and especially if I'm not a big graphics whore
@ch13696 - For multi-player I bought Killing Floor since it will work with both PC and Mac.  I also bought  Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 but I haven't delved into any of those yet.  I bought a $20 pixxo wireless mouse from Fry's and it works rather nicely, no major complaints so far. 
Thanks for the support guys! 

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Welcome good sir. I too am a bit of a newbie, with less than a year under my belt. It is great on this side :D

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And so another one drags itself from the fetid swamp to see the light, and walk amongst the Gods. (you're running it on a Mac though, so you're still kind of hunched over a bit)

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I was able to run ME2 maxed out in every way on my macbook pro partition. Its a pretty solid rig. People who can't afford it like to shit on it.

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The best thing about PC is indie games in my opinion. 
Pick up some of these PC exclusive gems when you get a chance. 
Audiosurf (A fun way to experience music on a PC)
The Orange Box (It's not exclusive, but you get access to thousands of free mods after you have it on PC.) 
Caster  (An entertaining third person shooter)
Mount & Blade (A must have for RPG fans)
Torchlight (A must have for RPG fans) 
All of those games other than The Orange Box are less than $10 I think. Also, all of them except Caster will easily give 10+ hours of gameplay time. 
Also, here is a list of games, a lot of them free and most of them exclusive to PC. The downloads can be found on the site.      
Just a few of the higher quality ones on the site: 
Counter Strike 2D (and it's TF2/DOD mods) 
Smokin' Guns 
Metal Venture 
Cave Story 
FOnline 2238 (Requires Fallout 2 to play) 


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Get Spelunky. It's free : |

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We have the same name. Awesome!

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it is going to be great. the best thing about PC gaming are the mods. i just started playing oblivion i've spent like three days or so just looking for great mods. i am now starting to play it. you should get counter strike source, it will seem a little hard but once you know the game it can get fun.