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I would get a 3DS. There are a lot of great exclusives for it and will likely continue to be.

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It's incredible, play it!

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Sounds cool. Hopefully it's not another remix of the same songs.

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The AutoCAD people?

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Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance. Pretty cool idea and it sounds nice too.

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I would buy one. Sounds like a great idea.

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Great analysis. Love your stuff Alex.

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@GenocidalKitten said:

I think they should have just made a Castle Crashers 2 if nothing else it would at least sell pretty well for them.

The stuff that they are currently working on just doesn't interest me very much.

Totally, if they had any sense at all they would make a sequel to Castle Crashers. They'd make a killing.

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@Krullban said:

@damnable_fiend said:

for what it's worth

I like these articles. I think that gamer culture is kind of fucked up and misogynistic and insular, and I value being exposed to a different perspective... and I think that the amount of rage directed at you by the sadly large number of misogynist gamers on this site is proof that you're doing good work. don't let them shout you down, please.

Ughh. Utterly ridiculous that people actually believe that this is what's going on here.

You should really try using a dictionary. Just because some people think this is shitty, sensationalist journalism with no place on this site doesn't make them a misogynist.

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Brad since he's the anime editor and no it won't be reviewed.