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I'd seriously consider encouraging someone to play a Call of Duty game. Knowing that control scheme is near tantamount to understanding the control scheme of every game that employs human movement through a 3D space; and playing through a cushy, on-rails single player mode to nail a fluency in that control scheme would be similarly helpful.

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@shagge: That's the same reason I haven't watched 2001 again yet; I know what I have in my mind is better

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@rorie, hey:

I want to buy a pay-pal membership, but the old email tied to my GB account has been de-activated and now I can't seem to alter it on the auth.giantbomb page. Do you have any ideas as to why? Is important that those link up?

Edit- NVM, just bought a gift code instead.

Edit 2- is it normal to need to wait to input the code?

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What games do you decide go on the list? Seems like a mix of old and new; just what has acclaim, what holds a personal interest or is it more of an 'expansion of the mind' sort of deal?

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I’d like to bring back a free, regular live show at some point

I would love a half hour, 'What's going on this week,' kind of show, in the vain of I Love Mondays

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From about 9:29 is where this video starts to discuss the more contesting points in this thread, talking about why it matters that we include games like Proteus inside the definition of game, but the rest of the video is interesting as well, and his channel has lots of interesting dissections.

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I get bothered when the option of micro transactions is being shoved down my throat, particulaly in games like Dead Space where atmosphere is everything. Instead of being enraptured in the setting, I'm being encouraged to go to the in-game shop to buy materials, which itself is aggravating as it implies that I need those materials to match the pace of the game's difficulty curve. Assassin's Creed 4 did in right in this regard I feel. Instead of offering metal or wood packs, the likes of which are used to upgrade the ship, they offered an all or nothing proposition for all of the upgrades for the ship, which actually made it a time saving measure rather than simply saying that as an excuse to get me to accept them.

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I feel like it doesn't matter that the majority of the content consumed is set in America, especially when the stories that they tell wouldn't be influenced by their setting. Problems arise, in my opinion, when developers attempt to portray cultures that they have no reference to, so end up imbuing their games with Americanisms, like the abundance of guns or more active patriotism, e.g. hoisting flags.

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I get that urge to replay Mass Effect; I did it twice in one week during the lead up to ME3.

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I haven't reached the safari zone yet, but if my code is Valuable, I'd like to give it away:

Cameron / 0189-9025-6194 / Y

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