My gaming agenda as of 2010-04-29

My first blog is for those who care, such as myself and anyone else who would dare.  The topic at hand, in case the title is hard to read, is my agenda for gaming. Listing it here might just help me stay focused and make sure I set some time aside from school in order to make sure I actually squeeze gaming in. On to the meat of the issue --- 3-2-1 GO!
Having just endured the elaborate steps necessary to install TES IV: Oblivion and the (u)FCOM mods ([F]rancesco's, War[C]ry, [O]scuro's Oblivion Overhaul and [M]artigen's Monster Mod) as well as about 100 others to tailor the game to my ultimate whims, I am finally ready to play. For those not familiar with the FCOM setup, basically some mathmagicians out there decided to compile the scripts necessary to marry the 4 largest Oblivion overhauls together in to one mega-mod-monstrosity of an overhaul without conflicts. To me, this is brilliant.  I'm looking forward to a new world to immerse myself in. Also looking forward  to stealing everything that isn't nailed down, and bringing a pry bar for everything that is. I expect my loot hoard to grow to sizes which the eldest and most ambitious dragon would find impressive.
Also on my agenda is to actually pop in and play my embarrassingly still-sealed copy of the Mass Effect 2 collector's edition. Of course, this means replaying the original in order to familiarize myself with the narrative and the choices of my Lady-Shepard. I will have to beat myself upon the head occasionally as a reminder to not put this off for too long. Letting this slip through the cracks this long is lamentable enough already.
Enough typing for today --- To arms!!!