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I'm so, so sorry to hear this.

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This is exciting- exciting and scary.

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Is near-field communication worthy of an acronym? I assume that was done mostly for the sake of story title brevity, but I did feel like an old man not knowing what NFC was. I guess if near-field communication becomes the last bastion of physical media, then the acronym will become commonplace.

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Without commas, the title of this story had me confused for a minute.

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Very cool to include that template. Thanks!

Also, shouldn't the blurb read "...Plus, a lawyer questions whether this will even hold up." ?

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This is amazing. I can't get enough of the commentators saying "FOR HIS FAMILY."

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Consequential mistakes like the issue of Dwayne vs. Playboy X make games with narrative much more interesting for me. I enjoy my Fables and my Elder Scrolls, but I think lacking the ability to grind (im)morality in a game makes for a more true-to-life experience.

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@Bloodgraiv3 said:

I don't mind his hammers so much as his fucking spears.


I'm just the opposite. His spears can be blocked, ducked under, or jumped over. The hammers are unblockable, and some characters can't duck under them.

Without a teleporting super, I am not crazy enough to beat Shao Kahn. I've been playing a lot of Sonya, and she lacks both a teleport and the ability to duck under his hammers. Super annoying.

Also, what's up with his sporadic taunting?  I feel I'm always dashing back or jumping away from him until he taunts, so I'd be surprised to find out the taunting is triggered. It seems the round-to-round taunt frequency is all over the place.
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I was a Tribes purist (ass) that believed Tribes 2 ruined a lot of what made the original so great. I think I've been out of the club for long enough to let me guard down; I'm excited.

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On my 5th bloodline I went for the alternate ending. On my 6th I died, and I finished him for the first time on my 7th bloodline.