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Xomiv said:
"If you're playing multiplayer, does it unlock for everyone or just the individual?"
I have the same question. I was hosting a game, playing as the red knight, where we completed "Final Battle," but the skeleton character didn't unlock.
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I like where the site is at. My only critique WOULD BE that the wikis aren't all constantly being updated with better content, but given the number of active users, I think it's as close to booming as one could ask for.
As for the forums, I usually just click the forums button on the main page, leading me to the most recent active threads regardless of which forum they belong to. If I want to talk about a specific game/console/person/object/etc (like I have lately with Castle Crashers,) I go right to that forum.

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Let's do it.

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Thanks for the list.

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I'm up for playing with any fellow bombers, and will add anyone that wants to play.
my tag: omgpancakes

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HazBazz said:
"I prefer Guitar Hero on the Comedore 64

His company is called "Synthetic Dreams." I can't stop giggling at that.
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I'm not annoyed. That's the fee for being an early-adopter.

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I appreciated the freshness of the gambit system in 12, but I'm a sucker for turn-based JRPGs.

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Comparing the phrases "It's not you, it's me" and "That's what she said" is pretty heady.

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It's the same with any entertainment: comic books, movies, TV. They're called fantasies, and they're completely normal.