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It's refreshing to see that things like NDX and Jeff's "Points!" videos on Gamespot see success. The internet is stupid in the best way sometimes.

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Since you can find most of these games for $15 or less, it's hard to make a real dud of a purchasing decision. My vote went for Lost Odyssey, but I didn't play Tales. Eternal Sonata is worth checking out too; it seemed pretty unique to me, a fairweather JRPG guy.

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I laughed out loud when I finished this quest with the table tennis athlete, then I was called insane, and then I wanted bonus points. 
Here's a hint for the table tennis athlete: Very tall, very Swedish, very blonde, and a total dick.

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College would be a fun change of pace, but I think they'll keep the team's age at 15-ish.  
So, maybe a Persona set in a boarding school, or a juvenile correction center would be interesting.

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Ever since SF2 I've hated fighting Dhalsim and Blanka. Blanka wearing the safari outfit is my poison.

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Nelly Furtado's "Maneater?"
I'm sure it's a fine song, but I don't purchase this until the Hall & Oates pack is released.
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They got Stark Trek: TNG AAAANND Norbit?! There IS a god!

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I'm glad to see Double Fine go downloadable, though it's unfortunate that they're moving to that front out of necessity. 
I was first hoping for something a little more Castle Crashers-y, but this seems alright too.

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I was expecting more bad jokes about Michael Jackson in this thread. Bravo, GB, doing me proud. 
Also, I welcome any character with sweet sweet chest hair.

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I've always liked Brian. If you need convincing that he's a personality worth following, check out his self-produced parody show Voices in the Box. He does all the voices. Wherever he ends up, I hope he's given the option to podcast.