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You sound to be dying to get comfortable with a character. I'd suggest playing through Arcade Mode with every character on the roster, and just feel out which character you're having the most fun with.  Furthermore, don't just choose a character because you happen to be naturally good with them. For example: I was naturally pretty good with Sagat, as I used him a lot in my SFII days, but found Sakura to be by FAR the most fun to play with, and thus the easiest for me to make real progress in my game with.
Also, I'm guessing that you believe that Ryu"s ultra sucks because people jump over it.  An ultra is meant to be the cherry at the end of your combo, so I wouldn't worry about how much you think they suck unless you're having a particularly hard time executing it.

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Like Tetris, it's easy to be competent at and difficult to master.

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Hah, before looking at the achievement list, I just assumed taking a song to 1000% in Free Mode would give me 10 points or so. 100 minutes later I thought to verify that...Oh well. I spent about 2 hours on that song, and don't regret a second of it.

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"Gigaton Punch" might be my ringtone right now.
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Though I don't actually want to see a Half-Life movie made, I think Hugh Laurie would work. He's a talented actor (and comedian,) and has portrayed "Jesus-like" characters before. I swear that he can make his face do things besides scowl.
Also, Steve Buscemi as The G-Man....shit yes.

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I have a feeling we'll be hearing about this game on today's bombcast.
Also, if you don't want to bother downloading a demo, there's a browser-based demo on Kongregate.

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I will appreciate a code more than anyone else. Now you just have to decide who to give the other two to.

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Just a tip for those playing through again: Before finishing the first time, be sure to get a persona with the ability that halves the HP consumption for physical skills. This makes levels 1-40 incredibly easy, as you expend very little sp, and do lots of damage.

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The endurance run not only inspired me to buy the game, it got the ball rolling to put Persona on the short list of my favorite franchises. I'm on my second playthrough of P4, I'll be getting P3 FES, and P5 is my most anticipated game of every trade show until it's shown.

@clovy said:
"  i don't know how rare copies of P4 are these days. "
They're not rare at all. Atlus seems to have pressed plenty, as Amazon is still selling them new.

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YES! I laughed so hard when that happened. This is a big part of what makes press conferences so great.