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Where's Kudo saying "ka-POW," as his avatar awkwardly writhes around?

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Matrix quotes..Matrix quotes.....looks like they couldn't DODGE THIS! HAH! AHA!

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Joystiq was featuring a similar video, and I just knew it would show up here eventually. SO. DAMN. RAD.

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Persona 4, with Street Fighter 4 being the only other game coming anywhere close.

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I played SF2 on the SNES, so the Fightpad works out best for me. If you grew up playing SF on a pad, I could not recommend the Fightpad more. They're pretty much impossible to find, but they're going to be bundled with the PC version of the game according to 1Up. I can't comment on the quality of any of the joysticks.

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A great feature, and a horrible tease of a title. The nation demands a Points! Report.

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Hopefully I'm finished with all these Personas before this comes out.

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PureRok said:
"cmpLtNOOb said:
"What constitutes you giving a player bad feedback, gameplay-wise?I do it for Sagat or Ryu/Ken projectile spammers.  Its one thing to spam a low-kick, which is understandable for someone starting the game out for the first time and not really knowing about special moves or combos, but a hadouken or sonic boom actually takes knowledge of the moveset.  The way I see it, it doesn't really hurt them (only affects the 5 star rating on their gamertag) and its a way of telling them "Hey, you, don't do that!" while keeping me from having to play them again."
There's a vote for "Skill too low" which doesn't affect their rating and makes it so you don't fight them again. If you are rating them using the serious one's then you are abusing the system. I only vote if they disconnect just before losing."
Same. I also sometimes give positive feedback if they follow up on a match with a "good game," or something like that.
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While fighting my way through Mitsuo's 8 bit-themed dungeon, I noticed that I got 1337 XP for a few battles. Anyone else notice this?

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This is a serious bummer.