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Alright, NOW I'll get a PS3.

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Ohohohhh mannnn...good thing i just bought the game to play for myself.
Also, I'm not going to complain about a missing hour in the potential 100+ hours of you guys enduring. Keep the eye of the tiger.

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These are awesome. Thanks for posting!

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Should all SF characters be linked to the Shadaloo concept? I don't think so. All SF Characters are linked by the franchise itself. Those that participated in the Shadaloo organization should be the only characters linked to that concept, right? I understand that Zangief may be indirectly linked to the organization, through fighting Bison or whatever, but he doesn't need to be linked to Shadaloo on his page.

I am, however, a little more confused about characters specifically sent to World Warrior tournaments to investigate Shadaloo, such as Chun-Li. Should it be listed as a linked concept?


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1600 MSP? Uhhh...

Anyone else surprised? Even after the lukewarm reception I'd be down for $10, even $15, but $20 is for serious too much for me.

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So as niche a benefit this may be, this is cool for Amazon.com Rewards credit card holders, such as myself. FOUR TIMES THE REWARDS POINTS, BABY.

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Oh wow. This makes me want to edit this page more..

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As I read this, I got the same feeling I get whenever I hear about a great college sports coach leaving a school: Things won't reaaallly change, but this is awful for the recruits. There are lots and lots of people that came to EA with the hopes of being able to work with/for/under/in the same building as Will Wright, and while that's not an impossibility now, that chance has taken a serious hit.
For everyone else, this is great.

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BiffMcBlumpkin said:
"I would make an asshole comment but I've been there."
Yup. At least it was a somewhat peaceful death. My family had to watch one of my dogs die after a full day of epileptic fits. It was brutal.
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And to put my asshole hat on: Twin Galaxies is Guinness Book-appointed, not self-appointed. DUUUUUUUUUHHHHH.