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Train Simulator Halloween DLC Quick Look.

When Ryan says Skytrain...... It still just cracks me up. I watch it every couple of months.

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I know I'm echoing so many in this post when I say i feel like I've lost one of my best friends.The thing is, I never met him in person but I spent more time with Ryan through the Bombcast and all the content on the site then I did with anyone else in my life. I'm truly heartbroken. I can't put into words how much I will miss him.

I will spend the day watching Game Room quicklooks while fighting back tears. GLHB Duders.

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I have the following:


Frozen Synapse

Civ V

Dont Starve


Hotline Miami

Little Inferno

I'll trade for pretty much anything good.

If you want to check my games list before you propose anything to avoid dupes, my Steam name is Lokar36

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Is there a thread for trading steam codes? I have 7 games just sitting in my inventory that I'd like to trade.

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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas :)

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So after watching some more videos it looks like they only patrol in panic missions. In the latest demo they did with gamespy of an alien abduction mission. the aliens just seamed to be sitting there when they were discovered. I also noticed the alien movement segment of the battle lengthened considerable when the aliens were discovered but not visible. This makes it seam like there is no enemy movement before engagement on most missions. I know they have said the aliens patrol but I'm wondering if that is difficultly dependent or if it only occurs in panic mission types because the aliens are actively killing civilians.

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I have been watching most of the video coverage for this one and i have it preordered and i'm ready to roll next week. Something is the footage keeps coming back to me, it looks like the aliens just sit dormant in small 2-4 man packs until discovered by the player. As a big fan of the original i can say this was not the case back then. I cant help feel that one of the most dynamic elements (all of the unseen alien movement) seems to have been dropped.

Can anyone else confirm this either way? Having the aliens only start moving around the map after discovery is a bit of a letdown.

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They decided to do that Neverdead Quicklook instead.

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