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V-Bomb fly?

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@rorie Do you happen to know what date applications close?

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Glad to see those drinks finally made it across the pacific. I think it's been a good 3 or 4 months since I actually sent them (might want to check use-by dates on some of those products, actually...). And as some fellow Australians have said already, it's a major shame I couldn't find any of the original Mother to send to you guys, though I did search long and hard. It truly was horrid, so there's a fair chance that every remaining can of the stuff was collected and incinerated in a bonfire.
Enjoy the drinks, guys!
PS. Dave still rules.

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@Th3_James said:
" OMG COD4 ORIGINAL XBOX ALPHA FOUND!!!!!  Wii has nothing for me to play.... I could borrow one and play it any time i wanted to, but i haven't found a reason yet.   Kids shouldn't have to settle for sub par games. like common? a parent who buys their child a wii is a terrible person. Kids should have enjoyed playing this 2 years ago, on a proper gaming platform ( ps3, 360, pc )  just makes me sad to know that little kids who only have the wii can barely play any games. There are not enough wii games that are actually worth playing IMO.   Some poor kid is probably excited about Modern Warfare coming to the wii......and that is just fucking sad "
Kids shouldn't be playing Call of Duty anyway, so it's not their loss.
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Here's my ten cents (my two cents is free).

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I can finally make out the shapes in your avatar Khann, so I shall re-review it.

7/10  (Maybe rent this one?)

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SpiritOf said:
"2/5Will Ferrell just isn't that funny anymore."
Well luckily it's Jeremy Clarkson, and not Will Ferrell.
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Khann - ??/10

Can't even tell what that is.

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Who's with me?!?!

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Giant Bomb already has a video producer guy in Vinny anyway, and that was Rich's job back at GS. Maybe one day when Giant Bomb offers too much audio/video content for one person to handle, someone could kidnap Rich and ship him back west without his partner knowing.

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