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Another vote for VinnCo. Between Protostar and Chua science, VinnCo fits right in.

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Hello! I'm reaaaaaally new to MMOs, I haven't really played the form since the MUD days. But I got into WildStar in the beta, and I managed to beat a leveling dungeon with randos while tanking, so I'm not totally worthless. I wouldn't mind tagging along with some people who seem to know what they're doing and love GB!

Planned Main: Lokno (Chua, Spellslinger, Explorer, Healer)

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Those are incredibly cute plushies. Awesome work!

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Holy crap this poll is painting a stark picture.

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I'm going to do that to friends now.

"Dude, I'm playing Animal Crossing and I need your help. Get in here!"

"Hmm, what? I don't own a 3DS..."

"Shut-up and get one! We need to catch dorado for Paula! Quick!"

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@chaser324: There's an error in the console every time the insertion code sends a HTTP get request to the local server (on every new message), but it doesn't effect operation because the error is related to the response from the request, which the code doesn't use.

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@chaser324: I don't currently have plans to iterate on the concept. I basically just wanted to show how it could be implemented. A major improvement would be to stream in chat data instead of loading an entire MB upfront. Here, I'll just upload the local server and insertion code:

node.js server for storing the input:


code inserted into the console during a live show for capture:


Obviously you can just look at the demo source itself, its all on the page linked in the OP. The chat data is stored as JSON in log0605.json

A missing element how I went from the server output to the JSON. That was just done with find/replace regex in Sublime Text. I also strip out the html from the comments, and add it back in later (url links, emote images).

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@thunderslash: I didn't test it in Firefox originally, but it autoplays and works correctly for me in Firefox 21, Windows 7 x64. Maybe its an issue with noscript and embedded youtube videos? Glad you think its front page worthy! :D

@beachthunder: Timing is hard to judge, since reactions are naturally delayed from what's happening on screen. There's parts in the video where the responses almost seem too fast. However, its possible that the time-stamps for the messages are a little off because of the round-about way I processed them.

@forteexe21: It would work for any video, and actually my initial test was with an UnProFri archive a couple weeks back. However, I used the YouTube archive so I wouldn't have to host a GB video on my server. This way I'm not stepping on any toes.

Thanks for the feedback everybody! Glad you're all getting a kick out of it. I showed it to Brad on twitter and he really digs it too.

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SSDs are below GB/USD now, but even considering that those parts sound like 1k of value to me. You can look up the individual prices on newegg to confirm. Its not an amazing deal, but decent.

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@equitasinvictus: So there are already sites that archive and play back the chat from live streams? I've never seen this implemented before. Cool to hear its already happening!

@demoskinos: My thoughts exactly! Its a shame not to have the community when you watch the videos later.