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Dante's Inferno 2: Dante's Purgatory, I'm waiting for you!

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@hailinel said:

I hope he does well in his new venture. Castlevania's going down the toilet with MercurySteam at the helm.

1) Lords of Shadow 1 made more money than any Castlevania Igarashi's done.

2) Even that weren't the case, Lords of Shadow 2 was the end of MercurySteam's work on the franchise anyway.

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Giant "Eve Online Souls" Bomb.

This is not the site I signed up to, but I sure am liking it.

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I literally can't imagine how PS4/Xbone versions of Rayman Legends could/would look better than the PS360 versions we have now, unless they're making it 4K or something. Performance and artwork is pretty much perfect as it is. I mean, I guess they could cut out the loadscreens or something, but those actually serve a purpose, so that'd be a change for the worse.

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But who wouldn’t be connected to the Internet

More than enough people to be more than a little incensed about DVD/Blu-ray playback being a part of that patch.

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Was last night's Spookin' not archived? Being European, I was just about dead at 3:30 (like 40 minutes before it started) and had to punch out, thinking I'd watch it today.

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That's 140 million I'd rather have seen spent on a localisation of Yakuza 5.

But now maybe they can hand it off to Atlus? Can't you look at this in both ways? I mean, won't it be possible that Atlus will now start bringing over Sega products Sega doesn't want to bring over themselves?

The other way obviously being that Sega will get in the way of Atlus bringing over stuff they otherwise would.

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So... did it happen?

http://prime.paxsite.com/schedule They're not listed here as Saturday 8:00

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That's great and all... but how about that Legacy of Kain game?