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Exuberant yet timid.

Adorable yet wrathful.

Complicated yet logical.

Enjoyable yet boring.

Introvert yet extrovert.

Rational yet emotional.

Anxious yet daring.

Caring yet indifferent.

Insecure yet confident.

I am my very own contradiction yet it all makes sense.

Don't try to figure me out, Cause as soon as you think you do i will surprise you.

Hay I'm Aeugust (pronounced August).

I'm a jack of all trades, I love to do everything.

Art is my favorite.

I'm in a relationship.

I own 60+ stuffed animals. I don't think that's a problem

I am a rainbow And a muthafucking Unicorn!!!!

and i love sushi and anything Asian

I love art and am a alternative model

"Every moment we live is a new opportunity to make an unforgettable memory"