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I wonder how long they'll keep up with the podcast. They've lost Patrick, Ryan (R.I.P.) and now Vinny.

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For anyone that wants it: 7BEA-5BNM-L358

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I want in!

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@livingitlarge224: you sir are on my Christmas Card list. I had never seen that video.

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Free for anyone that wants them.

Ms. Splosion Man - HR2GWPZ38W

The Maw - 7H9YVDR83S

One (1) Digital HD Episode Fox TV Show - G2DW32VBRV

One (1) Month Xbox Live Gold - DGSJV44BVPR

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If anyone wants it: 6fac979c6f4b-aa6f2237

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I think collusion is the wrong word. The whole point is for them to actually play out the match and take it seriously.

I don't think Chris G. and Flocker "colluded" to decide who was going to win the match, they just didn't play the match out seriously and didn't use their A teams. That's what people are tired of seeing.

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May he Rest In Peace.

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I'm on The Consumerist all the time and the populace over there is not so educated on video games. The argument I saw the most was maybe this will effect some change in EA whereas Bank of America is likely to remain as they are regardless.

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@Hardgamer said:
" @Belonpopo said:
" Same issue. "
@Belonpopo said:
" Same issue. "
What Same Issue are you people talking about? "
Receiving the for paid members only message.
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