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yearly sequels suck...

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this guys sounds like sasha baron chohens character "BRUNO!"

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looks pretty cool... sort of an aliens vs predator vibe, hopefully better

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jeff is saying something most of you are missing the point of... He doesnt want MW2 he doesnt want BC 2 he was hoping for something NEW... MOH is a game that deserved its own dedicated MP based on its own engine and shooting mechanics... not reskinned bc2 as some of you have already mentioned

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something closer to an xbox 360 experience weekly vids, a customizable avatar, avatar awards, party chat, free or discounted games.

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thanks alot dude.. very helpful :D

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As the topic states does this game have offline splitscreen multiplayer... if it does how many players does it support 2 or 4?? 

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"This might anger 9 million people but... " 
I don't think 9 million people are going to read this thread.
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well how many of the people are playing BFBC2 for the online achievements??? i'm loving the MP but am also going to play more MW2 once i'm done getting the trophies for BFBC2
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< ---- Muslim arab gamer 
"@XII_Sniper said:

" Yeah he's turkish, not arabic, nor necessarily a muslim. There are christian turks, and whatnot. "

Well Turkey was part of the arabian empire on the middle ages, and their culture is very akin to the arabic, therefore are considered loosely 'arabs'. And 98% of the population are muslims, so... unless Capcom pushes a "Poison approach" on Hakan it can stir up some good deal of controversy.  Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkey "

Turks are not arabs they are muslim though, but being 98% percent muslim still doesnt make  it an arab country, take indonesia / malaysia as an example. Secondly I dont think Capcom are really poking fun at any Muslim/Arab points hes not screaming 'jihad,' 'Allahu Akbar' or performing actions that are stereotypical of Islam or even Radical Islam.; he' s an oiled up turkish wrestler.  
Now if ure worried about oily turkish wrestlers being offended, I'd say there would be a slight chance of that happening.


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