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Hey, I'm Nathan. I used to be a hardcore Nintendo fanboy. That started changing when the gamecube came out. But my hopes were once again kindled, and my fanboyishness was at its fulness at the announcement of the Wii, which would "revolutionize" gaming. I didn't realize when they said "revolutionize", it meant to "make most of the games suck.". Wii sports was fun for about a month, raving rabids provided a few hours of fun, and after that...there was an  void of quality games, and my Wii sat on the shelf until February 2008, when Brawl finally came to the U.S. And, it was worth the wait. I still play Brawl often. 
But besides Brawl, there is nothing I like on the Wii. So now I have just decided to not be a fanboy, and to see what happens with the consoles and watch, not decide who is going to win. I don't care anymore.
I'm a pretty nice guy, and I don't start fights over message boards.