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I am in no way excusing sexism, as it is always wrong, but I think a big reason girls are treated this way is because a lot of us who gamed in the 80's and 90's spent that time with other guys, especially in arcades and stuff. Most girls I've known growing up made fun of guys who played video games a lot, and I've had girls who didn't like that I play video games. And so I think many guys are reticent to accept girls as gamers, partly because they were rejected by them. And of course there have always been female gamers, but a HUGE majority of gamers were guys in the 90's. I think the number of female gamers has been climbing exponentially in the last 10 years, and many men (again, who probably view women as people who have rejected them in the past) are a little bothered that now that gaming is "cool" and not just for nerds, that these girls are joining in. (It's not true that "being cool" is the reason girls game now, but I think some guys believe that)

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I grew up on the Gameboy, and I love a lot of the games on there. I'm not really interested in many of the newer games, and I'm not a huge fan of the touch screen interface on the DS. What I am wondering, is if I got the DS, would I be able to play a decent amount of old-school games (Kirby, Wario, etc)? Does the new Eshop have more options with the 3DS? Also, if I got one of the older games, would I be able to play it as I did before with the normal face buttons, or would they incorporate touch screen into it?

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15. You spend all day looking at Skyrim forums...

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@Yanngc33 said:

That's odd, I'm a level 14 Nord and I also use heavy armor and a hammer and I have no problem with them. Just rush them, dodging their projectile attacks and slaughter them

You're probably just a lot better at the game haha. I'm really not very good! I think it's partly because I never really upgrade my stamina, so there were these 4 Justicar's and they kept running away out of reach haha. I did kill them, it was just a lot harder than normal haha.

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Awesome, thanks for the advice guys! This is why I love the Giantbomb community *tears well* haha

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So I think there's other topics with general advice, but I couldn't find any that matched my circumstance. I'm only a level 15, playing as an orc with most of my perks in 2 handed combat (hammer) and Heavy armor. Here's the deal: When I go up to a group of people with swords, arrows, maces, etc. I wipe them out easily (without even putting berserk mode) but as soon as there are any kind of magicians, I have a hard time killing 2 or three without dying.

So when I level up, what should I focus on, instead of 2 handed, armor, or healing? Those are pretty much what I've been upgrading, because I just want to play as a tank character. Should I learn some kind of enchantment that protects me from magic attacks?

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@GetEveryone: Really? When I did it, the gates stayed open, and she followed me through.

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Orc. Taking lots of damage, giving lots of damage. Hammertime. (2 handed of course)

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I was a very early level, and was getting my butt handed to me by a sabretooth (sp? I think they spell it different than typical "sabertooth" spelling)

I could not seem to kill it, and I had low stamina so I could not escape. I kept trying to run, until I ran in to two mammoths-who proceeded to double team the tiger and kill it.

While I was standing there, grateful, two bandits came up to attack me-and the mammoths proceeded to kill them as well. Easiest loot ever. :)