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I'm not the biggest fan of Silent Hill but I enjoyed 1-3 upon release. The thing I liked about those games is how they built dread and tension through atmosphere and inventively grim environments. We don't know how much this P.T. teaser is representative of the finished product, but it is derivative and lacks the creativity that the series' best efforts are known for. I wouldn't say jump scares (turn a corner and BAM!) are always awful, but I don't like any horror game or film that depends fully on them, as P.T. does. The entire game is literally turning corners hoping not to find something awful and LOUD. It's effective but that doesn't make me like it. I'm not a real horror junkie I guess since I'm mostly in for atmosphere, which is why I like things like Dawn of the Dead and Suspria and not The Conjuring. The thing is, however, is that Silent Hill was primarily influenced by Suspiria and the paintings of Francis Bacon -- art that took the known and made it eerily alien to the human eye. P.T. seems to be shedding this aspect in favor of modern horror conventions of sickly, long haired girls screaming and hiding around corners. It's perfectly fine but don't act like "Yeah, Silent Hill is back!"

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I recently discovered Giant Bomb is the fastest way to make a list for my backlog: http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/lonelyspacepanda/lists/backlog/90813/

Unaware of the 100 entry limit and not interested in the unordered list (since you can't move items around), I somehow got 102 entries on the list with the overflow (last two) going to a separate page. Now I'm stuck, unable to further modify the list. If I delete the last two (or more) entries, it thinks the list is empty and won't save. If I delete any from first page, it still thinks I have over 100. I even tried deleting from first page and renumbering but it still doesn't work. It's not the end of the world but its a pretty annoying bug. Apologies if this has been reported before.

Not a bug but as previously stated it'd be nice to have the same ease of reordering in non-ordered list. Namesake aside, I think most people still want access to change the order of non-ordered list -- I imagine many, like myself, really just care about whether the list is numbered or not. Numbered list and non-numbered list would make more sense than ordered and non-ordered. This is what exists on RateYourMusic.com and as a long time member there, I can say it works very well. In fact, I've used it as my primary source for listmaking but would like to turn to Giant Bomb since it greatly quickens the process of finding game titles and automatically adding box art. It also helps that this is a gaming-exclusive community and one I love very much :D

Thanks for reading!

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I just realized Vinny & Alex have never been on a QL together as a duo. In fact, they have only been in the same room together on 3 quick looks (see: http://qlcrew.com/). This makes this setup really unpredictable. I flat out don't enjoy Alex's presence at all, his forced smarmy, cynicism is like bad '90s film critic back with a vengeance, but I love every minute Vinny is on a video. I wonder if they'll balance each other out.

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Passive voice, Patrick? tsk tsk.

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Too bad this news post was overshadowed by the announcement of Game Bomb Ukraine and Game Bomb Russia.

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Hey everyone,

Allistair here. Though I hardly (ever?) interact with the community here -- mostly out of fear of becoming addicted to another forum -- Giant Bomb is my favorite site on the internet, so it's very cool to see some of you guys say nice things about me. All while misspelling my name in every way possible. Awesome! I just wanted to say thanks for the support. You can send me messages here and I'll respond. I can't talk about things right now, but I'm hoping progress will be made soon.

By the way, please don't look at my embarrassingly awful blogs I posted on here ages ago. :)

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The white phosphorus scene WAS part of the marketing campaign which I thought was in really bad taste. It was part of the demo shown to press earlier this year. There are video demos of it with the dev (maybe this guy) being like "THIS IS HOW REAL THIS SHIT GETS, BRO!" ugh.

To be fair, I think civilians were left out of it but it still could have dulled the effect of the scene if I had seen it prior to playing.

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Hell yeah!  I'm a big fan of Cave, especially Deathsmiles I and II. 
Thanks for this scoop, Patrick. I only wish they would unveil what titles they would consider posting next and when.