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@Doctorchimp said:
" @Entus said:
" Sometimes I'm really surprised at how well-versed the staff is with the internet.  Especially when Jeff starts talking about rars with passwords and skidrow. "
Really? They run an internet website about videogames and have been with it pretty much from the beginning... 
That's like saying you're surprised a car mechanic isn't mystified by electronic doors... 
@LongMasterWolf: Clearly you're a newfag not just to 4chan but the internet in general...judging by your avatar and your topic. What are you in your teens? Don't worry I'll break it down for you. Everything on the internet is connected to everything, forums, the news, you name it it's all on the net and it's all connected. And 4chan contributes a lot to everything since it's well known and the boards divide itself into specific topics. 4chan is more or less on the forefront more often than not (not so much these last couple years) when it comes to memes and fads, and forums usually adapt to the memes as they're introduced and add their own stuff to it if the community is strong and original enough.   Giantbomb is indeed one of those,  Neogaf as an example have their own things as well. Sites like gamefaqs/gamespot though don't and it's just a mishmash of fanboys. "
Oh my goodness big words what am I going to do, this is all so new to me. 
Settle down bro, I was just curious about how Giantbomb's community views themselves, and the connections Giantbomb has to different community sites.
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When I first saw the topic name I thought you were talking about walking in your room.  
Then stepping on a disc that happened to be on the ground with boots on, meaning the disc breaks. 
And yes this has happened to me, got home from work and stepped on my Halo 2 disc, that was some rage.
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@Gamer_152 said:
" You'll see people using the odd internet meme now and then on Giant Bomb but if we're defining "internet culture" as the culture that surrounds websites like 4chan, ED, and Something Awful then no, Giant Bomb is certainly not an extension of internet culture. I've been here since day one though and I can tell you Giant Bomb has a very rich collection of it's own memes and inside jokes. "
When was Giantbomb created?
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@Sir_Ragnarok said:
"  @Jeust said: 
Just hugging
@Ineedaname said:
in a non sexual way
Epic disappointments.  "
It's cool bro I always give you a nice smack on the bum, but only if you're doing a good job ;)
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No my gf is a /b/tard she hates the notebook, but she enjoys The Devil Wears Prada for some reason.
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I am just messing around on the internetz, mainly Bungie and Giantbomb.  
Luckily my gf is also on the net.

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Loved this book as a kid, however I don't see the battleroom being a good vidya game,

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What do you do Giantbomb?

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I don't have my footing like I do in other communities like the Bungie forums where I'm an oldfag.  
So what forums should I avoid at all cost?

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@IBurningStar said:
" @LongMasterWolf said:

" As a community Giantbomb is quite fun and I'm enjoying how the quests are devised and the forums seem active. "

 Hey motherfucker, I like your icon! "  
Hivemind and what not.