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No my gf is a /b/tard she hates the notebook, but she enjoys The Devil Wears Prada for some reason.
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I am just messing around on the internetz, mainly Bungie and Giantbomb.  
Luckily my gf is also on the net.

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Loved this book as a kid, however I don't see the battleroom being a good vidya game,

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What do you do Giantbomb?

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I don't have my footing like I do in other communities like the Bungie forums where I'm an oldfag.  
So what forums should I avoid at all cost?

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@IBurningStar said:
" @LongMasterWolf said:

" As a community Giantbomb is quite fun and I'm enjoying how the quests are devised and the forums seem active. "

 Hey motherfucker, I like your icon! "  
Hivemind and what not.
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I'm enjoying a New Belgium Ranger India Pale Ale right now. 
*OMG I love you guys*

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 @supermike6 said: 

" We use other people's memes, but we also have a lot of our own.  "That's million bucks!" is an example I can think of off the top of my head. And we reference a lot of things that happen during the Bombcast or ERs and whatnot. "

Yeah, I see/hear  some giantbomb memes in the recent Bombcasts like Ice-T or the foreign press guy at E3, "Tell me about sie multi-player" or Jeff Bridges    
@Diamond said:

" What is the empirical definition of culture?  How do you define the ownership of a piece of culture?  I do know one thing.  People that get hung up about their personal stake in any particular piece of the internet culture pie are invariably bad people.  You can't like own a meme, dude.  That is to say, no one really invented this shit.  Culture is a snowball rolling down a hill. "

 I agree you can't own a meme or a culture on the internet, however what I'm asking is how the community views Giantbomb as a part of internet or culture in general.

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 The more I lurk /b/ and the more I listen to the bombcast the more I see inside jokes and memes being used during the cast.  
This got me thinking; how many of these internet forums and message boards begin to blend together?   
Is Giantbomb just another internet menagerie of memes, or is there some kind inner Giantbomb culture?  
As rather new member to community (I joined back tis summer but didn't start lurking around until a few days ago) I am curious what you the Giantbomb users believe.

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Yeah not trusting Nyko near my console, though I don't use any third party accessories with my new Reach edition Slim.  I never got the point of those battery chargers, why not use a plug and play?