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That's alotta Halo. Did you burn yourself out on the franchise before reaching 4?

No I didn't burn out on them. I have played through them enough to know the shortcuts if i feel like just running through a mission I can. It was fun to sort of relive some of those games before I got to see the next iteration in the franchise. Online co-op also helped mix it up by playing with some of my friends on XBL.

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I did the same thing before Halo 4, exactly the same thing, down to stopping in Halo 2 when Master Chief leaves Earth - playing through ODST - and then returning to 2.

Did we just become best friends?

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So in the two weeks prior to Halo 4's release I played all the Halo campaigns on Legendary. I mean all of them, in Canonical Order because I'm a stupid fan boy.

  • Halo Wars
  • Reach
  • Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary (I substituted this one for the Original)
  • Halo 2 ( Until about mid way)
  • Halo 3: ODST (After finishing this I switched back to H2)
  • Halo 3

Upon finishing H3 on the Monday prior to Halo 4's release I was pretty happy to have gone back to the campaigns, and while there were frustrating moments in each the overall experience was satisfying. The games definitely have different feels for each of them.

Now that Halo 4 has been out for a little less than a month I feel confident saying that the campaign in H4 is by far the most emotional of all the other Halos. This isn't suppose to take away from the others, but at the end of Halo 4 I actually felt connected to Master Chief as a character. Contrast that to the feelings of, "Oh Shit! Master Chief is a crazy badass, I can't believe he made it out of this one" that I felt in the others. Still not sure where it ranks with the other campaigns but I don't necessarily feel the need to do a ranking.

Has anyone else done something similar for other franchises? This past summer I played through all the Mass Effect games, but that was mainly because I hadn't touched one prior. I mean specifically replayed the previous game in anticipation of the new release?

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@Zetetic_Elench: If privilege continues to lead to this ineffective dialogue where many people tune out and post comments like those featured in Patrick's article maybe it is better to explain the situation with new terminology.

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@Scrawnto said:

@GreggD said:

Exactly, but I feel like some people would rather not hear our opinions in this discussion. Namely, the people throwing around the term privileged like it's a de facto thing.

I almost feel like exemption would be a more appropriate term than privilege, since it's more about the lack of a bad thing being done to you than it is an extra good thing happening.

That would probably be a better route to take, I agree.

Or rather, it would make more sense, not necessarily be better.

I agree I would refer you to this article on Kotaku talking about a similar subject, where they use "Difficulty Setting" instead of privilege. http://kotaku.com/5910857/straight-white-male-the-lowest-difficulty-setting-there-is

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@Nottle: Vanguard. In 1 my main party was Garrus and Wrex.

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After all the hub-bub over the ME3 ending I decided it was finally time to try one of the more popular franchises this console generation.

Just finished the first one today (took about a week) I have to say it was pretty good. A few glitches, and forgetting to save after I did even the smallest task usually ended with me replaying an hour long section of the game. Overall, I thought the game was pretty good and I am quite excited to play ME2.

In the interest of no-spoilers (although I know some parts just from listening to the bombcast) is there anything I should know going into ME2, and eventually 3? Anything I might miss in either?


PS. I got down with Liara, Wrex lived and is bff with me, Kaiden died, the council lived, I'm paragon.

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@Kamikaze_Tutor said:

@LongMasterWolf: Heh, I was trying to be a bit more subtle. :P

Lol I know but we will see if he understands what to do with the info given.

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@OmegaPirate said:

@Kamikaze_Tutor: i believe i just have, everything fucked my face for 10 minutes then i got the kill screen achievement, watching creds now

Go back to those and use your New Game + power and take a look around.

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@YoThatLimp said:

Can someone tell me where the Rosetta Stone is for Fez? You know, the break out moment where you can start making sense of the alphabet/numbers? I am avoiding all of the spoilers because i really want to do this on my own, but I feel at this point I am focusing too much on the wrong stuff. I am NG+

Look for the fox jumping over the dog.

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@theveej said:

man this shit is crazy. I was interested in Fez before, but now this looks a bit too complex for a video game. Don't get me wrong, game looks awesome and I'm not knocking anyone down for playing it and deciphering mad shit in it, props to you all. For me, If I am going to use substantial amount of brain power and a multiple hours to decipher a video game, I might as well use that effort to do something productive in either making some money or learning something new.

But you are learning something new in Fez.