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My general rule of thumb is to go disc if I get it day one or if it's a collector's edition. If I'm picking it up later, the deals for online downloads are usually much better then a retail copy. Then again, who knew 7 years ago that all games would be available to download and for retail? My opinion is always open for changing.

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Nintendo must embrace online content, and this should start with including multiplayer server bandwidth and functionality for the old popular SNES and N64 multiplayer games (i.e. Mario Party, Diddy Kong Racing, etc). Using previous generation's games to start a culture of online community on Nintendo platforms is one of, if not the most, important thing they need to do to get back on track from a console perspective.

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Anyone grabbing this and the sequel for a dollar?

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HBO/Showtime shows have got me tied at the hip to my cable package. It's a long shot, I know, but does anyone have any ideas for getting these shows legally without a cable package?

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Xenoblade Chronicles, unfortunately =(

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Yeah, does this not scream next-gen release?

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Great work here. I'll be looking forward to these every Friday now.

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@BrockNRolla: Yeah, whoever captioned it got it wrong and I'm too lazy to find a new pic. Gone!

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@JasonR86: You're correct, I do mean SE developed games only. You got me on Tactics Ogre for PSP, I have not played that game and it's killing me that I haven't. I've heard it's amazing, and I hadn't thought about that game.