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T1 is the best film, if because it did more with its relatively limited $6.4 million budget and in that it made an excellent directorial debut (supposing we ignore Piranha 2) for James Cameron.

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For those who think 30FPS is better than 60....


The higher the frame-rate, the smoother the animation.

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I would highly recommened Crush 3D.

Technically it is a port of a PSP game but the puzzles are vastly improved by the Dual-Screen and Sterescopic visuals supported by the 3DS. Best of all: it is crazy cheap now, I got my copy for less than £5.

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This is incredibly tragic. We'll miss you Ryan.

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Patrick isn't suited to video content.

He should be given the role of official "writer of obscure things".


The same applies to Alex Navarro, only he could be called the "Bad game review guy" instead.

Although, truth be told, I enjoy listening to Patrick on the Giant Bombcast.

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Good for Crytek, they saved Free Radical too, but we haven't seen anything come of that yet. That makes 9 Crytek studios by my count.

They developed the multiplayer for Crytek 2 and are working on the multiplayer for Crytek 3. They are also developing Homefront 2. So they are doing something, maybe not what we want them to i.e. Timesplitters 4 but hey, something.

I expect Vigil to do the same, just additional work for Crytek's franchises.

Good to know, its good that they have work. It would be nice to see Vigil continue work on that prototype they've been talking up recently but Crytek doesn't have the rights to that, at least not yet.

So the active known Crytek projects are: Crysis 3, Warface, Homefront 2 and Ryse (still on their website but may have died a quiet death).

And still no word on a new Timesplitters. How very disappointing Crytek. I feel absolutely no hype regarding either Crysis 3, Homefront 2 or Warface. It is nice to see someone has picked up Vigil, albeit partially, but I suspect that even EA would do more with such talented developers, rather than placing them at the clutures of a developer working on several poorly realised FPS projects.

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Cliffy B's been out of touch for years now, even so, thanks for the memories. Unreal Tournament '99 still stands to be one of my favourite games of all time.

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FutureSex/LoveSounds was a damn great album and Timberlake's a decent pop artist, his acting on the otherhand... Eek

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It doesn't change that Tekken 6 still sucks. Oh well.