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#1 Posted by Lopur94 (17 posts) -

Yea, they were pretty terrible...  
It was worst that they performed twice..

#2 Posted by Lopur94 (17 posts) -

Uhhh are you kidding? Only newbies or boring people post in the individual game forums on GameSpot.
The real action is in the bigger forums and union boards. Thats where the good stuffs at.

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Yea well, my 360 recently red ringed for the third time one the day before Assassin's Creed 2 came out... dammit...
And well I'm not getting that piece of crap fixed, just gonna get a ps3. But last time I called Microsoft and they told me to send it in by registering my console on my Xbox Live account at Xbox.com and then i got it put in a box at the post of office and it was mailed so yea.

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I'm totally stoked for Spec Ops: The Line. That trailer got me by surprise and man it look really interesting.
And I Star Wars: TFU 1 wasn't really that fun for me, but I'm also pretty stoked for SW: TFU2, hopefully it will dominate!
I think Arkham Asylum 2 is a little too early but yenno, with L4D2 n everything, I'll let it slip.

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Sigh not really. If you're looking a for a fun, co-op shooter, then L4D2 will aim to please.
Unless you are cheap then sure L4D1.

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Well, at least now the 360 or Wii would get even more sales. Every single Church will need one.

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I will definately play lots of Bad Company 2 when it comes out.
But I won't totally let go of Modern Warfare 2.

#8 Posted by Lopur94 (17 posts) -

Its a great show, I watch it if it's on while I'm on the TV looking for something to watch.
I barely watch it nowadays tho.

#9 Posted by Lopur94 (17 posts) -

Is this research for men who look at porn on a regular basis? Or all men who've seen porn at least once. Big difference there.

#10 Posted by Lopur94 (17 posts) -

Wait, so can you see all the action during the nude scenes? Or will this is still be kept PG?

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