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this may be the most useful collector's edition ever

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I know everything is so focused on the current product but could some one answer me something, how written is total divas? All the actual divas seem like there characters are ether real or based on reality but eva marie seems 100%staged and fake. Any static she has with divas gets fixed quickly and her family goes from 0 to fucking shitty at the drop of a hat.

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starting today my ps4 has started showing these weird squares in the top left corner of the xmb.

it seems to only happen when i bring it up while playing games and most commonly during dragon age inquasition. does anyone have any idea what this would be? the only thing i can think of would be the gpu overheating but it only happens on the main xmb and not in messages or options or in the game its self.

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@coons84: someone got loren but hasn't said.

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This will be locked quick so I will be breif. The only legal options I know of is waiting 30 days for it to come onto the network or though a edited version on Hulu. If your in the UK it would be on sky sports throughout the week.

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It could just be that I am not from America, but Am I the only one who thinks rusev is a sympathetic character? He's a proud citizen of his native country and we have a conveyor belt of "real americans" forcing there country down his throat until he gets angry... And he is supposed to be the bad guy? The Sargent slaughter segment last week is how I feel every time I have to sit through your national anthem or any other yea merica! Thing the wwe does.

Also fuck Larry the cable guy, yes I know he's your equivalent of Al Murray the pub landlord but seriously he's the most annoying man on the planet.

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I love sting I really do but no one is paying attention to dolph doing amazing and winning the main event of one of there biggest ppvs because a old man came down to the ring rubbed a refs face shimmyed in a circle a little and ddt'ed HHH

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@lord_canti: It has some extra content (costumes and such). I don't know if it runs at 1080p or anything (playing it on a 720p TV) but the framerate is silky smooth and my version of the game came with two disks, one disk for Bayonetta 1 and one for Bayonetta 2. I don't think it was a special edition box or anything.

It wasn't, it's the same everywhere i think. and yeah "Dat framerate", I'll play Bayo 1 after I finish 2.

well the main reason i ask about a special edition is that this is what there selling in the uk and is the only version that mentions bayonetta 1

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so now its out how is the bayo 1 port? is it a higher resolution or come with much additional content? does the standard edition of 2 come with a download code for 1 or do i need to get the double disk special edition ?

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i....i think that was dean ambroses beer truck ?