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I love sting I really do but no one is paying attention to dolph doing amazing and winning the main event of one of there biggest ppvs because a old man came down to the ring rubbed a refs face shimmyed in a circle a little and ddt'ed HHH

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@lord_canti: It has some extra content (costumes and such). I don't know if it runs at 1080p or anything (playing it on a 720p TV) but the framerate is silky smooth and my version of the game came with two disks, one disk for Bayonetta 1 and one for Bayonetta 2. I don't think it was a special edition box or anything.

It wasn't, it's the same everywhere i think. and yeah "Dat framerate", I'll play Bayo 1 after I finish 2.

well the main reason i ask about a special edition is that this is what there selling in the uk and is the only version that mentions bayonetta 1

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so now its out how is the bayo 1 port? is it a higher resolution or come with much additional content? does the standard edition of 2 come with a download code for 1 or do i need to get the double disk special edition ?

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i....i think that was dean ambroses beer truck ?

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Who are these elderly women and why arnt they wrestling?

-edit- this is how you get people happy to see the rock, just have him appear . no year of bullshit , no promo every other week just have im appear out of the blue ...i don't even think him being at raw was rumoured.

also him being on a bad raw helps....on second thought he may have been visiting back stage and HHH just said " this is shit...you go out there now"

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"potential partners" to me says that its going to be on sky and if its on sky then seriously fuck the wwe.

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the rabbit scares me, not because its intimidating not because its creepy in any way but because i know its how SOMEONE from nxt is going to debut. it could be some one that sucks like mojo rawley or cj parker but knowing my luck its going to be sami zayn , adrian neville or tyler breeze.

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@lord_canti: last week I thought it was Sami Zayn... I stand by that claim this week.

its ...its him isn't it .... his hands ...there the right skin tone.... the bunny wrestling...using the ring like that

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does anyone know if hoodslam is available to watch anywhere ? the bombcast makes it seem amazing

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so... who do you think is going to début as that dam rabbit