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is money in the bank 2014 not on the wwe network for anyone else? the kick off show is on after 203 but after that it says total divas

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with the competition between the colours giving people a intensive to care about steam trading cards for the time being i propose a unsteady alliance between duders to help complete the sets. post what you want here and what you have to trade for it and hopefully make some parings.

what i want

  • summer adventure card 1
  • summer adventure card 2
  • summer adventure card 7

what i have to trade

  • summer adventure card 10
  • summer adventure card 8
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i just found out what happened last night

im only just watching raw now but dam the shield braking up like that and the guy who seemed destined to be a big face joined HHH little group just ... its too much. although look forward to dean ambrose or roman reigns winning money in the bank

p.s. the jokes about bluetista were incredibly dumb all the way up until he quit and it was trending, nailed it.

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It's times like this that I'm very glad that I can't remember the name of that recent all female wrestling anime with the Humiliation Hold, or whatever it was called...




thank you.... thank you for reminding me of the shame hold ...that dam anime

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i can kinda see what your saying, i like Patrick as a personality of this site if i had to say he would probably be my favourite but the sites focus on indie games since he started is very noticeable.

however my issue with the site is that they have gone from having a few produced shows and quick looks to live streams that they have admitted that they don't plan out or in some cases don't decide there doing it until day of. i know they only have vinny and drew on the production end and maybe whoever they hire in this search will help but between quick looks, Encyclopedia Bombastica, Patrick's content and one man one jar giant bomb is looking more and more like a youtube channel.

also sick of dark souls, spelunky and dota if i never see any of them again it would be too soon.

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I had a few notifications from the new thread but seeing as that thread was deleted without warning and no way to read them I'm going to assume that they were insults to me and my family and move on

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its a good thing i follow gunslingerpanda on here as i was about to make a bug thread about how broken the last thread was. (im assuming the last page was showing posts from 3 months ago for everyone)

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@gorillamopena: This is actually the dumbest thing I've ever seen in professional wrestling and not even in a good way. Jesus christ. The fact TNA isn't already 6 feet under is amazing.

i don't know there have been worse things in tna