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Any chance this server could get an Instacraft mod? I'd love to play on a fun server with some GB peeps but I can't stand having to wait for things to craft. I've been spoiled by greener pastures!

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Time Zone: EST

Games: NFS:R, Battlefield 4

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Count myself among the mongrel hordes searching for a key.

Email: adamplanty@gmail.com

Steam: Lord_Ozma (http://steamcommunity.com/id/lordozma)

Much obliged.

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@Agamemnon said:

Hey, as long as the Bomb stays the Bomb I`m with you guys all the way.

Agreed. Whatever works for the GB crew and allows them to keep doin' what they do.

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@Matthew: What about A Link to the Past?

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People! The game's marketing trailers have Joker featured as (practically) a fricking stage 4 cancer patient waiting for death. Where is the shock here? His death has been heavily implied if not all but confirmed prior to this article. It's an early in-game situation, calm the shit down.

Like they'll keep his ass dead anyways, God I wish...

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So awesome that Weinart got to play a hand in having his dream game developed.

Excellent read Patrick. Hope we get more articles like this in the future.

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I sold my Wii last year and am excited for this conference.

/signed abused Nintendo spouse

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If you already own the games, just start them up and let em sit. Still counts toward the total time, no "playing" on your part necessary, unless you want to of course. I'm at work now and I have all 4 of the Potato games that i own running in the background to generate more CPUs.

Hoping it'll be released at some point tomorrow...
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