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I was doing fine until I signed up for PS+, and now I have a real backlog of games building.

Just completed Limbo; I'm on the last colossus on SotC HD, but then I'll have restart and clock hard mode before I can move onto Arkham City, Just Cause 2 and Vanquish.

And then I have Dead Space 2 which still sits in my 360, seventy-odd percent complete but untouched for nearly a year. Worse is the knowledge that I left it surrounded by necromorphs, miles away from a shop with only two shots and some harsh language to defend myself with. I hate leaving things incomplete but that one tried my patience..

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Kick Off 2 was a better game than Sensible Soccer!

Bayonetta is the most over-rated game of this console generation.

Enslaved is the most under-rated game of this console generation.

GTA IV took everything that was fun about the Grand Theft series and threw it all away, leaving behind a series of semi-broken mechanics, lacklustre missions and loathsome characters.

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My problem is the other way, and I end up plowing through some games that I hate just to have them completed. It isn't even a achievement thing, I just hate leaving things unfinished. Black Ops, Halo ODST and Dante's Inferno instantly spring to mind.

There's always one exception that proves the rule, and for me that would be Dead Space 2. A new job took up all my free time and I drifted away from it.

I'll get ME3 finished first, though. Then Resistance. Then Deus Ex. Then Colossus...

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Halo Reach, a couple of days ago.  Everyone knows what Halo is like so recommending seems unnecessary. Just don't go for Legendary on your first play through - it just becomes one big, long distance stand-off, which becomes frustrating and rather boring.

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I can understand why LA Noire is surfacing a lot in this thread, even though I like the game.  For me, the biggest disappointment this gen is Bayonetta.  This is more to do with the universal praise the gaming press gave it upon release, with near perfect scores across the board.  It's a solid enough game, sure, but not the fightng nirvana I had been lead to believe.
Crackdown 2 is another good call, as it pissed away all of the good will that the original had garnered.  
Oh, and no Most Disappointing list can be complete without Black Ops.

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My girlfriend is watching it.  I have never missed PSN as much as I do right now. 

Fuck it, I'm off to the pub!

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@Bucketdeth said:

" @Cooley said:

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
@Trebz said:

" Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.
I should really finish that up.

I thought the ending was great. You should beat the game. "
How was the game overall? I seen it for $20 at Wal-Mart and it looked tempting. "
 Underrated.  It looks really good, has a great story and characters and the mechanics have been tightened up from their previous effort, Heavenly Sword.  That said, it's not the most challenging game available, even on Hard; and it's also fairly short.

For $20 it's an absolute bargain though, and well worth checking out
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A few years back this, but the scene in Fade to Black where the Super Morph is introduced.  He just charges at you  and upon finding that bullets seemed to do bugger-all, I spent ages running away like a little girl until I worked out what I needed to do. 

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Oh great, another of the wondrous "I haven't been able to play -Game X- for six whole days.  Who do I sue?!?!" statements.  Grow up!
Change your passwords at the earliest convenience and get in touch with your credit card provider and tell them of the situations and your concerns.  Then listen to (and act on)  the advice that they provide.
Sadly this is a pitfall of our increasingly connected World, and as such it is foolhardy to assume that any system is totally secure.  Anyone with a decent knowledge of these things could determine far more about us than we'd care to imagine just by the amount of information we give freely to sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  Christ, one guy managed to hack into the Pentagon. Although a bloody dumb thing to do, it shows how even the most secure of institutions can be breached.
I view this as a Phoenix Event - good will rise from the bad. Now Sony (along with Microsoft and Nintendo, I'm sure), will take a long, hard look at their infrastructure and make improvements.  If this outage means that systems are made more secure in the future, then so be it.

And to the hacker - May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits!

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