New Generation. New Personal Goal

I played PlayStation 3 this whole generation and after it broke, I came to realize that I have a very narrow taste in games. All I played were the AAA title games. I never even considered to play side scrolling games, old fashioned arcade games, weird games, puzzle games, indie games, and every other type of game that wasn't a FPS or RPG.

This generation, when I have the PlayStation 4, I'm going to turn that stuff around and play games I know I wouldn't play before. I will still play the big budget games of course, because they still are a lot of fun to me. My brain started thinking if I spend $400 on a game system, I better squeeze every last dollar out of it with it's free-to-play games, indie games and all of the other types as well.

That's just my personal goal though.

I will keep updating this Blog about each new genre and game I've played so far.

Update July 17th, 2013: My first new game genre that I've tried is the MOBA genre. This genre was my least favorite. So far I've only played one moba game (Dota 2) which I think is perfect. I have no want to play another game. Dota 2 is a fun game and I'm very surprised at myself for liking it. I never thought I would be into this type of gameplay or anything. So on my journey to trying new things, I'm already happy with what I've tried so far.

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