10,000 pages. I win.

StarFoxA can have his 100,000 wiki points. While he's been contributing large amounts of quality information for a group of games, I've taken a slightly different route, contributing smaller amounts of data for many more games. 
Today I decided to focus on WiiWare, uploading "box art" for the games and making sure the release info was up to snuff. Not particularly exciting, but I don't do it for the excitement. I just went about this task for awhile, and then I decided to load up my contributions page. Scrolling through the list of pages I've contributed to, I eventually reached the bottom of the page and was greeted by this: 

That's 10,001 individual pages that I have at least 1 wiki point on, which is more than any other user. It's even more than admin has, and admin gets a point every time a page is created with an image. admin was the user that came closest to beating me though.
I believe Brain Challenge was the page that brought the count to 10,000, but here are some of the other things that brought me to this point:
Genre - Block-Breaking
Breakout, Arkanoid, there's a ton of 'em. When the genre was added to the site the only game listed with the genre was Shatter. I spent a lot of time making sure other block-breaking games were accounted for, adding several to the database in the process. 
Platform - PC
110 points, no actual page edits. Apparently I got all those points by attaching the platform to games. In most cases they were newly created pages. 100 new pages for PC games? I'm actually surprised.
Concept - Steam
Games distributed through Steam are common contributions, whether I'm helping write the article, attaching the concept to games, or creating new pages for Steam games. Perhaps that's how I ended up creating so many new pages for PC games. 
Game - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
I've contributed various things to many aspects of this game. Most characters, Personas, locations, nearly every person listed in the credits. It's a great game and it deserves the attention.
Game - Scribblenauts
There's so much stuff in this game. I could keep adding characters, objects, and concepts for some time. Be sure to buy the game this September because it looks pretty sweet.

Theme - Adult
Giant Bomb has a lot of pages for adult games, many of them with impressive articles. I'm one of the sick people responsible for this. But I'm not alone, so don't be hatin' on me exclusively. ;)
Theme - Anime
A very popular theme, found in many Japanese games. Many of them were added by yours truly.
Companies no one likes - Particularly Data Design Interactive
I make sure Giant Bomb covers such games as Billy the Wizard and Rock 'n' Roll Adventures. Why? Why not!
These are the guys making those games for companies no one likes. Adding hundreds of person pages isn't fun, but it's something that needs to be done. Or not. I'm not sure if anyone really cares what games Bill Alexander was credited in, but I make sure people know anyway.
Every release added counts separately. I add a lot of releases, and it adds up. A lot of people forget about this feature, but it really is an important feature of any video game database. If we had more help in this area, it would be great. 
Maybe it could even help you beat me. :)