Notes on the new search

Some notes on the new search:

  • Can click "options" to filter by page type.
  • Typing a new search term hides the previous results while the new results load.
  • The first time you click anywhere in the options box all the options clear. This means that unchecking a single checkbox unchecks all execpt that one. This is not what I expect, and probably not what anyone else expects.
  • The dedicated search page (/search/) does not work. To search you must wait for the JavaScript to load and use the Ajax-based search.
  • Perfect matches float to the top.
  • Typing a second word requires a full word match for all previous words. "leg zel" and "zel leg" no longer match The Legend of Zelda. "legend zel" and "zelda leg" will.
  • Aliases containing words already in the title result in odd results. Searching "time" causes Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel to appear as the tenth result as an alias match, even though it would have matched without the alias and is not popular enough for tenth place.
  • ADDENDUM: Unchecking all has the same result as checking all: everything is searched.
  • ADDENDUM: Changing search options does not cause it to search again with the new options. The search string must be changed to search again. Simply adding a space will do the job.
  • ADDENDUM: There is more than one page of results. (This should be obvious, but is still worth mentioning)
  • ADDENDUM: Clicking "See next/previous 10 results" causes the results to disappear. Clicking the search box will bring the results back. This may only happen in some browsers. I have not tested it extensively.

Giant Bomb API Reports - Characters appearing in 0 games

This one took awhile but it was worth it. It's a list of characters that are not attached to any games. This was actually the first report I tried to make, but it ended up failing. I have since fixed the code so that it retries when it fails, it updates the number or total results as pages are added and deleted, and it also has protection against what I call the 10000 glitch

You may notice that I've gone back to posting these as blogs. I feel that they're easier to keep track of that way; and I expect to publish reports less frequently as problems are fixed, so they're probably not going to overshadow whatever else I post in my blog.

Characters appearing in 0 games


Giant Bomb API Reports - Concepts appearing in 0 games

This one's a bit stale, because I got errors when I tried to post it earlier. Here are concepts that at the time were not attached to any games. 

Concepts appearing in 0 games


Giant Bomb API Reports - Objects appearing in 0 games

Here's my latest report for you. These are objects that are not attached to any games. Perhaps the page's creator never came back to finish the job, or perhaps they don't actually fit the object criteria. Please take a look at them and determine what should be done. 
Note: Due some errors in file_get_contents()'s attempts to open HTTP streams, this list may be incomplete. I'll work on implementing cURL and making other improvements so this isn't a problem in the future. And yes, this query will be run again sometime. Any pages that are missing here should appear in a later query.

Objects appearing in 0 games


API Reports - Companies with possibly invalid websites

Here's my second API report, fresh from the... Well, it's not so fresh any more. These are company pages with websites that are not in the correct format. I've already handled up to Sidhe Entertainment. Anything else likely still needs to be done.  
I will also run this query on person pages an annoying API limitation is fixed.  

Some tips for handling these pages: 

  • The URLs must include the URI scheme; in most cases this means it should start with http://. If it doesn't include that, it's treated as a relative URL and won't work the way you expect it to.
  • Some of these look valid, and may behave appropriately on Giant Bomb. However they may include leading or trailing spaces or tabs, and other services may not handle this correctly. Help fix this by removing all leading and trailing whitespace.
  • I have not checked for dead links, only invalid ones.

Companies with possibly invalid websites


API Reports - Franchises with one game or less

Using the API, I have compiled a list of franchises that are listed as having only one game or no games at all. This is the first of many reports I'll be generating on a semi-regular basis for Giant Bomb and Comic Vine. I'll release the code for these reports when I'm reasonably confident that it can safely be used by others without causing world destruction.
Please take a look a look at the list and see if you can help out. Some simply need to have the appropriate games added, but some will need to be deleted. 

Franchises with one game


Franchises with no games


Random page

You asked for it, and I delivered. This script will send you to a randomly selected wiki page on Giant Bomb. It uses the API to determine the range of page IDs to chose from, and to test whether the selected ID exists. It shouldn't lead you to a page that doesn't exist, although I haven't fully tested that. I plan to add support for other page types, as well as for Comic Vine. Anime Vice has no API, and Tested doesn't have an API or a wiki, so support for those sites is not planned.
If you would like to try it out for yourself, download it from Launchpad and put it on your web server. Yes, you need a web server and PHP. Currently it runs on my private testing server, and you can do the same; but I'd really appreciate it if someone would put it on a publicly accessible server so others can use it. If you get it running, please tell me so I can post the link here for others to use. 
So head on over to the project page on Launchpad and download it if you can. You can get the development version through Bazaar if you know how, but it may actually be easier just to download each of the files individually from here. After downloading you'll need to add a file with your API key. If you're familiar with PHP you can probably figure out what to do despite the lack of any decent documentation in the script. If you need help, contact me. If you know exactly what you're doing and want to improve the script or its crappy documentation, also contact me. I will gladly commit any improvements under the assumption that you're probably a better a better programmer than I am.
If you get it running, need help getting it running, want to contribute to development, or just want to chat, just send me a message. I'll try to respond in whatever manner is appropriate. 

Come get some! - hosted by Freek. Loads the page in an iframe, so you can easily grab another random page.

Barely an update

It's been too long since my last blog. I finished Professor Layton, Scribblenauts, and Mario & Luigi within a month of their purchase, but I haven't played much since then. I have been working on some top secret highly volatile stuff, but I'm not ready to talk about that yet.
And... that's it for now, I guess. I'll try to write a proper blog sometime soon, maybe.