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Is this a GB mobile app I'm not aware of?

Posted by LordAndrew

@Legend: It is indeed a Giant Bomb mobile app. You are unaware of it because I never announced it. I figured I'd just blog occasional screenshots until someone figured it out.

It is my attempt at creating a Giant Bomb app for Android that follows modern Android design guidelines. My previous post shows integration into device-wide search. This post shows the app's own GUI for the first time.

This is an early version of the initial screen. It shows the same "latest stories" as the site's home page. On a tablet you'd see additional content on this screen, but regardless of screen size, those buttons at the top will help you drill down to the content you want.

This screen is tabbed. Swipe to the right to see the Bomb Shelter, lists, and other community stuff. I may or may not add a Forums button to that view as well. It's important enough that I really don't want to remove it from the Home tab, but I'm not sure if I want it on both tabs. When I'm ready to talk more about this, that is a question I will have to ask the community.

Posted by Legend

@LordAndrew: I would love something like this on my phone especially since I may not renew my annual subscription and so a mobile app would be great to have when I no longer have access to the mobile site. I hope the new site that Dave has been talking about will not affect your work on the app. Any plans for an iOS app too?

Posted by LordAndrew

@Legend: At this point I'm focussing more on the design side because I don't want to rely on APIs and page structures that might change soon. Once the beta launches I can work more on the implementation details. Design may have to change too, but probably not a lot since it's not intended to look exactly like the site. Guides are going away, so that's a feature I know I can leave out. I've asked Dave about any other features that are going away but haven't gotten a response.

I'd like to create an iOS app too, but I don't have a Mac to develop it on. I can start reading the Human Interface Guidelines but can't build anything yet.

Posted by gbrading

Colour me impressed! Looks very cool. Major kudos for doing this!

If you need any QA on a Sony Eriksson Xperia phone, let me know. ;)