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I don't recall if the previous games got Game of the Year Editions. But there is a BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition that includes the first two games and all the DLC. So there is precedent.

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So, from the screenshots it looks like this is based on the first season. Is that confirmed?

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There's a screenshot of pro bending. Game of the year.

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Excellent. The Avatar universe has a lot of potential to be exploited in video games, and with Platinum handling it we should actually get a good one this time.

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Nothing released in the past week. There's a huge sale going on.

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We are in it. It's just early. This happens all the time. Try naming the five best games from the Xbox 360's first year.

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I haven't yet played any of these DLC, but I'll make sure to take note of these particular DLC when the time comes.

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I haven't played Twilight Princess in many years, but I somehow managed to remember that Agitha was from that one.

Sure, why not. If we're at the point where we're letting minor characters like Agitha in, I can't wait to see what other crazy characters they pick. The Groose is loose.

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There are pages that are not 3030, but that's because they're not games. You don't have to worry about those.

Incrementing the offset should get you all game pages, unless a page is deleted while you're doing this causing another game to shift to a previous page and not appear in your results. That would suck.