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@Galiant said:
" So far I've been enjoying Plants VS Zombies, Bejeweled 2 and the like but it would be awesome to have some kind of RPG experience on my phone. "
Galiant isn't trying to say that PvZ and BJ2 are RPGs.
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I don't think I know any Bombers in real life. If I do, they're not telling me. Wearing the subscriber shirt may reveal some of them, but I don't know.

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@Lind_L_Taylor said:

" What is up with all the comments about my columnar format? It should be easier to read as you're limiting your eye movement to a small section of space. :-P  I'm doing it to help you guys, dangit. "

Actually, if we wanted to do that, we could make all comments appear like that. At least there would be consistency then. But when you're the only person who does it, everyone else has to adjust to read your posts.
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@Ignor:  It was quoted from your post. Then your content was removed, except for one key part.

<span class="js-whiskey-quote-user-profile" id="17166"></span>

Bam, there it is!
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It's fine in single player
If that's what he wants
He does not have to play
By the developer's rules
Especially when the game
Includes a console that allows it

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@mylifeforAiur: I suspect the reason no mods commented is because no mods actually read it yet. There seems to be less moderator presence in DCR lately, so stuff tends to slip through the cracks sometimes.
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I enjoyed playing on the server today. Lots of explosions. I was CharlieTunoku, by the way.

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@Brackynews: Basically the response typical is "Linux is a PC operating system, so list it as PC." I guess the Mac platform is basically grandfathered in from the days when Macs ran on totally different hardware that wasn't considered a "PC".
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It's true, explosions are fun.

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@Hamz said:
" I see no reason not to  pick FFXIII up and give it a go if you're interested. Even if you've never played a FF game before you're probably better of starting with 13 since it's the most recently released title. "
I approve of your retconning Final Fantasy XIV out of existence.