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@Brackynews: Basically the response typical is "Linux is a PC operating system, so list it as PC." I guess the Mac platform is basically grandfathered in from the days when Macs ran on totally different hardware that wasn't considered a "PC".
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It's true, explosions are fun.

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@Hamz said:
" I see no reason not to  pick FFXIII up and give it a go if you're interested. Even if you've never played a FF game before you're probably better of starting with 13 since it's the most recently released title. "
I approve of your retconning Final Fantasy XIV out of existence.
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@RE_Player92 said:

" each of the big 3 seem to have great first party exclusives. "

So by choosing one you will be missing out on something good. They don't all offer the same experience. Each is different, mostly in regards to games, but also controls and other additional features. You may be satisfied with just one, but you would be missing out as they don't in fact all bring the same experience.
What it comes down to is, which games and features do you want more? Which games interest her the most? Regardless of everything else, that is the most important question. I don't think she would want to buy a console that she'll never use.
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You taste in games is wrong. Please adjust it before attempting to play Dragon Age again.
Seriously, what the hell is with the responses you're getting here?

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So if you want something added, you can PM one of the staff with your suggestion. Jeff seems to be who you'd want to contact for stuff like this. They do add new platforms now and then.

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@mylifeforAiur: Here? There wasn't exactly a lot of discussion in that thread.
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I'd like to see more games that handled these issues well. Most of the time it just doesn't work.

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I find it interesting that despite Luigi being a better jumper, other characters continue to regard Mario as if he's the best jumper in the world. Has Mario somehow managed to keep Luigi's skills hidden from the general public?

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@Tylea002 said:
" Finally, some correct spellings up in this bitch. Do they spell Colour correctly yet? Or Organisation? Or Mum? "
@Gap said:
" American English is a bastardisation of the REAL English language. You yanks just spell everything wrong to try and be as different as possible from one of the countries which contributed to your creation. "
The language used on xbox.com, at least for me and other North Americans, is en-US. If they're going to use en-US, they should use that and not a different variant. For consistency. If the en-GB site is using American English in some parts, that's incorrect too. Not because any particular form of English is superior, but because it's inconsistent with the form of English that it claims to be.
Of course, if you guys are simply pretending to be elitist assholes, then feel free to ignore this message.