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Hell no. I need that money to fund my own raid.

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@psoplayer: That won't give it a higher place in the search results. If you want to type in "J S Joust" and find it that way, you can actually do that right now. The search does not require all words to be typed out in full.

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Well, it definitely exists. But it sounds like you can't actually log into it? That is strange.

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I guess it could work.

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@humanity: Going back to a site dedicated to game trailers would be suicide. People can get that exact content on YouTube and every video game website ever. They might as well shut the site down now and get it over with.

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I made a franchise page for Phantom Dust and added the Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 DLC, since those are things people often forget about. I also wrote the initial Mario Maker article and wrote about the Captain Toad character.

Having just beaten Ni no Kuni, I decided to create character pages for major characters that don't have them already. I filled some of them out, including the existing Motorville article. For a game that a lot of people recommend, I'm surprised at how much work still needs to be done on its articles. I think I'm going to have to spend more time with this.

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Backloggery has a fortune cookie feature that can select a game to play based on criteria you specify. But if you're not already using the site you'll have to manually add your entire library first.

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I just beat Ni no Kuni, and then played through Super Mario 3D in three days. Now I need to give Final Fantasy XIII my full attention if I'm ever going to beat it.

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Videogames while having sex.

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Thanks! I knew this promotion was a thing, but I didn't know how it worked. I went to the site and earned $5 in eShop credit. And my sister earned 98$ an hour from the site. It's totally legit.