The Big List of Bombcast

This list contains every Bombcast ever made.

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Posted by LordAndrew
@mutha3: Because the official Bombcast listing is useless due to lack of pagination. Because no one else has ever placed a Bombcast episode in a user list. And because I really want to know... What the hell is GOTY TEST?
Posted by Fuga

but.. where have the descriptions gone

Posted by T0mF5

Thank you! This helps so much when trying to catch up on old bombcasts.

Posted by LordAndrew
@Fuga: Oh, I see. It required a lot of copying and pasting, so I stopped after the 32nd. I'd love to complete this list, but I've forgotten how.
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Thank you so much!

Posted by Anwar

Thanks a lot, I've been listening to the old stuff before I joined this site and I think I listen to those which I already heard a second time.