Unopened/Sealed Games

I buy a lot of games. Too many perhaps, because I have a lot of games that I've simply never opened. They sit on the shelf in their shrinkwrap, constantly taunting me. But I will get to them some day. Some day...

Note: This game only includes games that are still in their original packaging. It does not include games that I opened but never played, nor does it include used games that were opened before I got to them.

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Posted by JackiJinx

Ace Attorney: Justice for All was the first Phoenix Wright game that I played and although there is a small bit of story that can get lost if you don't start from the first one, it's still a perfectly good place to start. If you are mad into plots and like twists, crack that baby open asap, man.

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Posted by Video_Game_King

No, you don't have to wait; Fire Emblem games have mostly independent stories, and Shadow Dragon is COMPLETELY independent of the GBA stories.

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Posted by LordAndrew
@Video_Game_King: Fully aware of that. It has nothing to do with story, I just don't want to start another Fire Emblem game while I'm still working on a different one.
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Posted by Pepsiman

Just leave Baroque in the wrapping, trust me. That game is set up so that you can (permanently) lose your only starting weapon on accident within a minute or so of playing the opening level and then doesn't really give you any good alternatives. Granted, it's a game where you're supposed to die repeatedly anyway, but still. Just keep ignoring it. It really, really is for the best.

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Posted by LordAndrew

I hereby vanquish Justice for All from this list. In its place I add two RPGs. Oops.