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Actualy, real talk: are they saying this macbook pro can run Diablo III at 2880x1800? That's a pretty high resolution.

I'm not sure if I should be impressed or call BS.

Considering it only has 1 GB of VRAM I'm 99% sure it's BS. It can scale up from a lower resolution easily enough, though.

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All these PC fanboys are giving me a good laugh with the "LOL GAMES ON MACS" comments. Have you guys been living under a rock? People have been gaming on Apple hardware for years now, whether through Windows or not. I have a countless number of friends that use their MacBook Pros for gaming. MBPs are NOT far pricier than their PC equivalents, and they are almost always a helluva lot smaller and more energy efficient. If I'm to laugh at anyone it's the friends I have that still use "gaming laptops" that weigh just a few pounds less than desktop towers and cost almost as much as MBPs. It's not 2001 anymore. The whole "you can't game on Macs" thing is getting really old, and is frankly, completely untrue.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks. Also, if you're a member of the illustrious Mac Laptop Gaming Master Race, what do you care what the lowly PC peons think? You can just ignore them and go back to playing... what games are on Mac again?

BTW, if you have "countless friends" who game on their Macbooks, you should practice counting.

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I love my password... its just... so impossible to break. random 12 Letters and 4 random numbers with randomly allocated caps!

XKCD is great, but if you want to know how stuff works you should check out https://www.grc.com/haystack.htm and listen to the audio like halfway down the page. Then you'll think that maybe using four dictionary words isn't such a great idea.

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The game itself is fine. The way they are handling DRM is what's bad- that's not the games fault. And yes, this goes for any game that uses terrible DRM (although there are worse ones, imo, then "always online DRM")

The DRM in this case is inseparable from the game so I think that does make it a legitimate criticism of the game itself. If DRM makes the game unplayable, that's a big deal.

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I cannot imagine that there isn't a better way to handle that though. It's utterly pathetic.

They could have handled it by giving options for online characters and offline characters, but just like Starcraft 2 they want to eliminate as much piracy as possible, so online is your only option. Any other reasons they give for it are secondary to preventing people from stealing it.

On this story, I did get the achievements disappearing bug, which was really annoying. I'm not sure how many I've already gone past that haven't popped back up. Not real worried cuz I'm sure I'll play thru with all classes, but still slightly bothersome. And another symptom of their problematic online requirement.

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The latest Idle Thumbs podcast has a lot of The Walking Dead talk, if anyone is interested.

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I switched my Templar's shield immediately and had no problems, soo... yeah. Maybe Blizzard should have *gasp* delayed it.

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And now I no longer feel sure enough to pre-order Darksiders 2. *sigh* Sorry, Vigil, but I have to wait for reviews.

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Auditorium is boring and simple even by iOS game standards. I played the Flash version and was incredibly underwhelmed. On the other hand, since the Double Fine project I have also contributed to Idle Thumbs, FTL, Banner Saga, and Wasteland 2, all of which look far more interesting. Some guys got it, some don't.

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To reiterate the point made in this article, something like Kickstarter was never gonna help the little guy who couldn't get a publishing deal/funding to make the game he wanted to make, and it was only ever going to help the big names who people already know and who could easily fund their own game or gain a publishing deal easily. Double Fine should donate all that extra money to all these kickstarters that actually need kickstarting.
Yeah, I agree but when I said that I was shouted down by people who complained that they didn't want their money going to other projects. It's funny though because Brian Fargo agrees with us too.

Brian Fargo wants to put back a percentage of the proceeds after the project is finished, not before.

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Everybody played Audiosurf. Can you dial down your cooler-than-you-are condescension a little bit in future news and reviews, Alex?

Dude, he was mostly kidding. That's how Alex writes. Don't take shit so seriously.