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Thanks for everyone's thoughts. Looks I got a lot to consider. I tried some Southern Comfort last night, didn't much care for it, straight or with coke. I was going to try Yukon Jack, but the store didn't have it. I believe I am going to try for Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey next, that is sounding like a good possibility.

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I think I'm leaning towards trying either Southern Comfort or Yukon Jack to start.

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38 years old and have drank very little alcohol except beer. Haven't enjoyed the harsh taste of most. Looking to find one that I can get right off the shelf that goes down smooth, maybe even a little sweet. Any recommendations?

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Boom! Awesome!

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I'm going to say... 1. Deus Ex 2. GTA: Vice City 3. Halo That is my list at the moment, it might change the next time I think about it. I thought about putting in Skies of Arcadia, but chose Vice City instead.

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Fu^king amazing! More, more, more:)

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I am scared as shit, this is going to go south for the Giantbomb guys at some point. I will trust in Jeff's word, it will not.

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Got it guys! Thanks so much for your help!:)

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I guess I must just be cloning my display, I see it on both my monitor and on the Sony display. I wasn't attempting to run any 3D on the display and had the 3D turned off on the Sony display. How do I go about turning of my monitor or making it the secondary display? I am doing all of this with my Alienware laptop, is that going to make it a problem?

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Looking for a bit of help. I own the $500 Sony 24 inch 3D display and I want to be able to display games I play on my PC through Steam on it. I went out and purchased an Insignia HDMI High Speed with Ethernet cable to make this happen. After I plugged it into my Sony display and my PC, I set it to dispaly everything on my desktop, which it did. But when I tried to play Trine 2 through Steam, it would not show the game on the Sony display. I am guessing there is more I have to do, but I have no idea what that is. Can anyone tell me what else I have to do to get the games I play on my PC through Steam to display on the Sony display as well?

Thanks in advance!