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Shovel Knight

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I'm so sorry to hear this. He will be greatly missed.

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This is the first year in a decade that I didn't stay up all night to watch Nintendo's press conference. Looks like I didn't miss much. Oh well...NSMB U and Pikmin 3 are games I'd love to play, Nintendo hasn't launched a console with a Mario platformer since the N64. Still, a little light on the first party stuff. A way to focus on third party publisher's wares perhaps? I sure hope so.

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Wow. Final Fantasy VIII? Get a life dude.

Many people play fantasy games because most of them take place in a large, natural beautiful world. The ridiculousness of fantasy isn't any more ridiculous than science fiction.

Skyrim will be great, but I think people expectations are overblown.

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The reason it's on the Wii is because DQIX was a huge success among casual gamers in Japan on the DS. Those gamers are most likely to already own a Wii than buy a PS3.
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Other M was great. It took a while to get used to, but after a couple of hours, the control was second nature for me. Same with Samus' cutscenes. I thought they where cheesy at first, but halfway through the game I couldn't wait for the next one. The ending was excellent, and having an extra quest afterwards with additional cutscenes and a boss was awesome. Haters are going to hate. Oh well. 
I wish all of these spoiled children could live in the era where a game of this quality was released once every five years. If you didn't like Other M, that's fine. Calling it something that Nintendo should be ashamed of really shows a lack of knowledge. It was a bold and innovative step.
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Meh...no sale. If it can play Wii games, Gamecube games shouldn't be much of a stretch. Oh well, guess I'll just buy another Wii when they drop to $99.
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Wiis and DSes are still selling and they seemed to have all but abandoned those platforms. No new games for existing systems were shown at all (except for the 3DS) and the only Wii game mentioned was Skyward Sword. The only new 3DS game announced was Luigi's Mansion 2.  
That conference was weird. I don't really know how Nintendo's future is going to pan out here. This doesn't feel as revolutionary as the Wii did.
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I'll buy it from PSN. I would buy all my games from PSN if I could. Discs are a pain in the ass.
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Hmmmm...Super Mario Galaxy 2 is #14? I guess alot of GB users don't have a Wii.
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