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An excellent import...minor problems 2

With the Gamecube far behind us and the Wii's problems with playing import games, you may be wondering if it's worth your time importing this game. While you may think it boils down to the question" much do I like Yoshie's Cookie?"....there are several other features that make this package triple A material.First of all, the graphical presentation is top notch. Everything is 2D sprites, but it all looks extremely vibrant and colorful. Each game seems to have it's own unique art style, whic...

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An excellent, portable Bubble Bobble 0

Bubble Bobble Old and New for the GBA is an excellent adaptation of the original arcade game, and superior to the popular NES version. I'm not sure if this game was released in North America, as I am reviewing the Japanese version. Even so, this is an extremely import friendly game. Only the game menus are in Japanese (Katakana) and are very self explanitory. You don't need any knowledge of Japanese in enjoy the game, as all of the in game text is written in English.As the name suggests, there a...

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