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Chests sometimes have bombs, not crates. And 8 10 stages? Either you've been playing a different game than I have or I need to learn how to count.

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Really? Rocketgirl? The only thing that game has going for it is "HOT CHICKS IN BIKINIS YEAH!!" If they really "knew what's in my head," they wouldn't have put that garbage up on Greenlight. And in light of the stories about the Dead Island fiasco et al, it seems especially hypocritical.

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You left out that ever-important apostrophe. It's "Tales of Game's."

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By the end of our podcast marathon, you'd just assume use this to pick the year's best games.

That's a... weird... sentence.

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Return to Castle Wolfenstein (which is the particular license for this movie), along with the others running in id's Wolf3D franchise have pretty much nothing to do with the original Castle Wolfenstein franchise linked to in the article. You should know better than that, guys.

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My friends and I play with a good number of custom cards. Hopefully I don't break something when I dump them all in that form.

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Both The Walking Dead and Jurassic Park are pushing forward on a central tenant for Telltale these days:

"Tenet," man, come on.
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Also, worst card combo I've seen (which was totally my fault):

I never understood the KKK until I met Barack Obama

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My group's instant win answers:

William Shatner

Two midgets shitting into a bucket


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Regardless of your stance on the matter, Ubi's handling of this was slimy at best. When the word came out that the DRM was much more restrictive than they first claimed, they tried to edit/delete the initial board post to make it look like they never said it, and only reposted the initial statement after being called out on it.