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Missed stream. Must stay awake for podcast...

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When I select "Add images," both the "Add images" and "Edit images" boxes pop up. I can browse to an image on my computer and select it for uploading, but after the percentage bar reaches 100%, the box closes and leaves me with the "Edit images" menu without actually saving the image. This has happened on wiki pages (tried on Heretic and DWANGO) and my personal image gallery.
I'm using Firefox v3.6.3 on Windows 7.

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  Had a flash of inspiration, and just had to make it: Just Cause Stunt Position! I'm a terrible artist, but I think it works.

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Right now I don't have much beyond the tutorial/job center games, but once I get a handle on the scripting and maybe think of some ideas, there might be more.
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Schweet. Got in.

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The more I see, the more I want this to come out now.

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I thought the final boss looked a lot like the final boss of an earlier Gearbox game...

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Mine were reset. A lot of people were having problems with it on the Steam forums. There also seems to be a lot of different things happening with it. Some people get their stats back after earning an achievement, some get a few of their achievements back after earning a new one. Some have lost them, but they show up in the in-game tracker. Sometimes the stats are completely reset, sometimes it keeps the totals correct (games played, shots fired), but the completion rates are 0%.
I don't mind so much about gameplay stats, but it seems to me that achievements should be stored in a way that's bound to the profile, rather than the game information.

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Amazon's "release day shipping" turned out to be "day after release day shipping," but at least I didn't have to worry about the undoubtedly mobbed game stores running out.